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Two Kisii High School Teachers Stabbed By a Form 3 Student

A form 3 student at Kisii High School stabbed two teachers (today) Tuesday morning.

Mr. Edwin Mokaya a teacher at Kisii High School had sought to understand why the student had come late to class. Mr. Mokaya took him to the staffroom and asked the form 3 boy to kneel.

While in the staffroom, the form three student reportedly took a knife and stabbed Mr. Mokaya in the back, on his forehead and on his legs.

The student also stabbed another teacher, Mr. Elvis Maoto who tried to intervene before his staff mates managed to restrain the student.

The school staff then rushed the two teachers to RAM Hospital in Kisii town where they are currently undergoing treatment.

One of the teachers suffered deep cuts and is in critical condition according to RAM Hospital administrator Enock Abobo.

The other teacher, sustained minor injuries and was treated. He is ready for discharge when the hospital allows.

“He looked disturbed. When we questioned him, he told us that he did not want to learn in a boarding school,” Mr. Jaldesa said.

Omari Otungu, executive secretary of the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers in Kisii condemned the actions of the student, called on the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to advocate for the rights of teachers.

The KUPPET executive secretary said that teachers were constantly living in fear of being beaten by students because there were no disciplinary mechanisms.

“We want to be protected just like the government protects students,” Mr. Otungu said.

Mr. Otungu then implored parents to discipline their children and not to always support their children when they are reprimanded for unruly behavior in school.

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