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KUCCPS: Procedure for Changing Course/Program 2021 or Institution

In this article, we provide information on how to change course/program on KUCCPS in case you are not happy with the courses you were invited after your application.

KUCCPS changing of courses window is usually set by KUCCPS and happens for a certain duration. When changing courses, you get one last opportunity to be placed into your preferred dream course and/or institution by making an inter college transfer or an inter university transfer request. An inter college or inter university transfer request may be accompanied by an application to change you course as you wish.

First, it is good to know that changing course/program and/or university is only done via the KUCCPS website link: www.kuccps.ac.ke

What you should know about changing course/program on KUCCPS

You will be able to manage the course you were admitted to under the following arrangements:

  1. The inter-institution transfer
  2. Inter faculty transfers

Let us look at how each works.

Inter-Institution transfer (IIT)

This option is usually made available to students who have sat for KCSE and wish to change to an institution that is different from where they were placed initially and into a different course.

The transfers are made available on the KUCCPS portal for both institution transfers and course transfers. The particular dates shall be announced here when they are confirmed by our team.

You should also note that there is a strict deadline within which you should apply, and you must adhere to the give date for KUCCPS to consider your application for a transfer.

KUCCPS 2021 transfer application procedure

  1. First, visit kuccps.net and log in with your KCSE index no. and your usual password.
  2. Click on the Transfers Tab at the top.
  3. Click on Select program.
  4. Select the course you wish to be transferred to and then type the program code in the inter institution transfer space.
  5. Next, type the reason why you need to transfer (give a convincing reason). You may be needed to upload any supporting documents depending on the explanation you will give. The reason you will give for wishing to transfer must not be less than 300 characters.
  6. Fill in the remaining details including the endorsement information by the receiving and releasing institutions.
  7. Pay the required Inter-Institution transfer-processing fee (1000). To make the payment you follow the guidelines given on the KUCCPS portal. The MPESA PayBill number for KUCCPS is 820201. You will receive a confirmation message over the payment from both KUCCPS and MPESA.

It is important to note the following:

  • Cutoff points and cluster requirements have to be met before proceeding with payment.
  • The whole process of transferring is automated and it is not necessary to print the filled KUCCPS transfer form.
  • Ensure you read and follow every instruction as provided in the KUCCPS portal.
  • It is crucial to monitor the portal and follows up with KUCCPS and both the institution you want to be released from and the receiving college/university. Call both institutions after filling the form because you might be left stranded if the deadline passes without being approved. Until you are assured of a place, do not tire of following up.
  • Once the transfer is done and dusted, you will receive a notification.
  • Transfers apply to all those who are not happy with the course they were invited to after KUCCPS second revision.
  • Transfers apply to all diploma courses, certificates, and degree program..

Inter-faculty transfers

Inter-faculty transfers help those who have been admitted into their preferred college/university and only have a problem with the course.

However, you will have to wait until you have joined the institution before you request for the transfer of courses through the registrar’s office of you college.

You will still need to meet the minimum transfer requirements to be accepted.

Unlike inter-institution transfers, there is no payment required for inter faculty transfer.

Frequently asked questions on KUCCPS Changing of Courses/program 2021

  • If I am a continuing student, can I change the institution?

Yes, you can. If for instance, you are in your first year and you wish to change, just log into the portal and apply. The only issue is that you will have to restart college just like hitting the RESET button.

  • Do I need to travel to both institutions?

You are not required to visit any institution as the course transfer process is done completely online.

  • After transferring how long will it take one to be admitted to another institution?

A notification will be sent to you via the portal and SMS.

  • Can I be absorbed into a course that I have missed the cluster points by a small margin only?

This is simply No! You cannot apply for a course you are not eligible because you do not qualify.

  • When can I apply for the transfer from one institution to another?

When the portal for transfers opens. The dates shall be announced via the portal.

  • How do I change course after placement

KUCCPS Contacts

In case you need to contact KUCCPS, use the KUCCPS numbers:

020 513 7400 OR 0723 954 927 OR 0734 879 662

You choose to email KUCCPS via info@kuccps.ac.ke or visit their Facebook page The.Placement.Service or via Twitter Handle @KUCCPS_Official.

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