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Teachers AON Insurance Changes Mode of Identification at Hospitals to Curb Corona Spread

The novel Coronavirus has wreaked havoc world over and AON has moved to help in preventing the spread of the ongoing pandemic among teachers using the insurance service.

COVID-19 is known to remain viable for hours or even days on materials and therefore replacing identification Biometrics that involve contact such as fingerprints to avoid communicating the disease to people who are not infected yet.

Mr. Muthui, the AON Kenya Managing Director speaking to the Press on Tuesday said, “To reduce exposure, we have recommended that hospitals switch from fingerprints to alternative methods of identifying patients) such as access cards, optical, facial and voice recognition among other options.”

Mr. Muthui also recommended that service provided to allow the use of cards and a one-time pin (OTP) to identify teachers seeking medical attention instead of fingerprints.

The AON managing director also instructed service providers to put posters on hand washing in all areas of their operation.

Besides, he pointed out that teachers will continue accessing medical services during these difficult moments.

Mr. Muthui said, “We are available to provide updates on self-quarantine, ambulatory and hospital support through 0732353535, 0729471414 and 0800721316.”



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  1. Emily says

    Asante Sana kwa msaada wenu kwangu lakini kazi ya darasa la tano na Saba sina

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