Thieves Vanish with Mumias East Police Station Main Gate

Mumias East Police Station is on the limelight after thieves decided to steal and varnish with the station’s main gate.

According to Benard Otieno, who first tweeted the incident, the thieves disappeared with Mumias East Police Station main gate.

Otieno further wrote, “Police launched a manhunt and went to one of the suspect’s house, they found his door written STD 4 West!”.

Benard Otieno’s Twitter Post on Thieves stealing Mumias East Police Station Gate. (Photo/Twitter)

In another recent humorous incident involving the police officers, a daring man in Embu County stole from traffic cops who were on duty along the Nairobi-Meru Highway on Wednesday, February 19, 2020.

According to witnesses, the man emerged from the bushes and grabbed the officers’ stash before running across the road.

We will update our readers on the Mumias East Police Station Main Gate Incident as more information unravels.



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