KUPPET Executive Secretary Busia Disrupts KEWOTA Launch in Busia County

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Teachers (KUPPET) Busia branch Executive Secretary Moffat Okisai Omunyin led other teachers in storming and disrupting the official launching of Kenya Women Teachers Association (KEWOTA) in Busia County yesterday Saturday the 15th February 2020.

Our sources report that Mr. Okisai with others stormed the KEWOTA meeting to flush out those in attendance of the meeting organized by KEWOTA’s madam Josphine and helped by KNUT Busia Branch.

Furious KUPPET Busia Executive Secretary Moffat Okisai (Photo/Courtesy)

Busia County KEWOTA Launch Organized in Conjunction with KNUT Union

According to Peter Amunga a KNUT blogger, the KEWOTA meeting was convened in consultation with Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT).

“Okisai stormed the meeting calling the female teachers names like Malaya, washenzi, etc,” claimed Amunga.

Mr. Okisai in the company of other teachers forcefully entered the KEWOTA meeting and started flushing out the female teachers.

The Kuppet official claims the women association (KEWOTA) has been deducting the female teachers without their consent.

KEWOTA Busia County Launching Venue disrupted by Mr Okisai. (Photo/Courtesy)

Pictures doing rounds on the media shows the angry Kuppet Executive Secretary for Busia in a blue shirt with a white godfather hat and an almost empty venue.

In another photo, images of two strong men, one comfortably seated as the other is standing. The tables, seats, and backgrounds are pampered and branded with KEWOTA colours.

KUPPET Executive Secretary Busia Disrupts KEWOTA Launch in Busia County. (Photo/Courtesy) 

The only photo with an image of a woman, wearing Kewota branded t-shirt, there’s Mr. Okosai on the side.

KEWOTA and KNUT Mended their Relations in Laikipia on 13th February 2020

The clash between the Busia Kuppet official and Kewota-KNUT ones is seen as going contrary to how the national officials of the above unions relate.

On the 13th of February 2020, KNUT and KEWOTA mended their relations in Laikipia during the burial ceremony of Mureithi Ndegwa, brother to Jecinter Ndegwa, the current KEWOTA national treasurer and formerly the KNUT women representative.

In the Laikipia function, all the teacher unions were represented including KUPPET.

KUPPET Busia Chairman Interdicted after being found with a Learner

To express anger displeasure, Amunga criticized Mr. Okisai’s action claiming Busia Kuppet branch is the worst run branch.

The blogger went ahead to prove himself by referring to a sensitive case that saw the Busia KUPPET Chairman get interdicted.

“The Chairman of KUPPET Busia was interdicted by TSC and is awaiting dismissal after being found in a compromising situation with a learner in Mundika area last year,” wrote Amunga.


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