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Essential Tips about Homeschooling

It may be hard coping with the current situation, more so for parents in affected countries. However, just like in the past circumstances have always forced people to adapt and it is through this; generations have been able to regain normalcy.

With the break of the corona virus many institutions have since closed, for fear of spread of the deadly virus. For schools learning has been moved to online platforms, as education has since been suspended. However, this may only be limited to certain schools with the capability of engaging their students through online platforms; which are a minority in the country.

Essential tips about homeschooling.
Essential tips about homeschooling. (Photo /Courtesy)

Questions have been raised on how best to ensure learning for all students and not just the minority; although this may be the least of most countries worries at the time, as they focus on safety and containment measures. And as a result you may want to start improvising for the benefit of your child. For a regular parent here are some home schooling tips you should know about.

How to provide a good learning experience

It does not take much to have a good learning experience. There is still something one can do with the little they have. Computers may not be necessary, all one needs is time, a student, and an able facilitator which point in case is the parent. Here is all you need to know about home schooling.


Teacher’s work may not be as easy as it seems. You may want to approach this with an open mind as teaching entails a lot more than what people normally perceive.

First things first, you should try and understand the different needs of your children. Secondly, identify their strengths and weaknesses so as to impact the appropriate knowledge.

Thirdly, create a good learning environment that inspires the children and provides almost an identical setting of a classroom. You may also have to make a schedule, so as to ease transition into a different learning environment.

Access to Educational Resources 

Access to educational resources has been made easy with technology. For instance, one can easily get syllabuses as well as revision material from websites and other learning platforms at zero cost.

Teacher.co.ke is one of the sites known to provide free learning materials. It contains learning materials from grade one up to form four. Below are some of the links to the free resources download page:

Allow Time for Recess

Just like in schools students are used to breaks from time to time. It is good for the child to at least have some outdoor time. This time may serve as a break for you as well as the kids. It is highly likely that the kids will be able to capture more once they have had a break.

Time commitment

It can take up a great deal of time when homeschooling, particularly if you are handling more than one child. Thus you may have to dedicate some time from your schedule; educating is not all about sitting down with books for a couple of hours, instead you need to assess the child and figure out the best strategy to impact knowledge.

It is good to acknowledge that learning is a continuous and non-ending process. Regardless of whether you are in school or not, there is still something that needs to be learnt. And so students can still learn without necessarily being in a classroom, if the right environment is set for them.


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