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10 Best Android and iOS Apps for Kenyans to Learn Online

In today’s world, people need a way of learning without having to spend money to commute or spend long hours in a lecture. The convenience of learning from anywhere has been enhanced by the ubiquitous use of mobile devices such as notebooks, smartphones, and tablets. People can access the internet at their convenience and this opens a lot of stuff that they need to suit what they want at a particular time. Learning online is now possible with apps having been developed to serve this purpose.

Learning online is broad, starting from simple skills like a course on how to play guitars to complex courses such as web development and video production.

The following are the best 10 android and iOS apps that provide online learning, the courses they offer and whether they are offering them for free or not.

1. Youtube

For most people, youtube is a place where they can watch football highlights, news and comedy but there is also a lot of stuff to learn on youtube that is posted on youtube channels by educated and skilled YouTubers.

Instead of listening to songs or just idly looking to watch anything that appeals to impulse, many learners search for content related to what they are looking for and the following video by video until they get to be proficient in what they were learning about.

Youtube provides a platform whereby if you own a google account you can upload a video. As such there are many “teachers” but as well there is a caveat that you have to be wise in looking for good quality content. Just type “how to” on the youtube search bar and there you go. You do not need to pay a penny. You only need a good data plan.

2. Studyblue

On StudyBlue, supplementary content related to your course created by teachers and students alike is available. Study guides, flashcards, notes, and many more materials are available. This application is simply like having a friend carrying all the materials you need and you can access them any time you wish.

3. Wikipedia

There was a time when students and educational institutions had big encyclopedias on every subject and it was very interesting if you had to carry more than one home to go and study. Consider a softcopy library of content in the form of Wikipedia. It contains content from every aspect ranging from academics to other things like music. However, it should be noted that literally, anybody on Wikipedia can make changes to articles. It is therefore recommended that you look up the sources of information on the content on Wikipedia to be on the safe side.

4. Goodreads

Still even today in this technologically advanced world, books are the best source of knowledge. The problem is that there are millions of books out there about millions of subjects and it becomes very tasking to collect knowledge from such a vast variety and considering that you have to either buy from a bookshop or visit a library at your convenience. Goodreads role in all this is simple. It helps you get the right content on a certain subject or discipline. This is because you can go through reviews from other people who have read those books and then make up your mind. You can also share your view on the stuff you have gone through yourself.

5. Lumosity

This app provides games that help you brainstorm or think a little bit on a wider scope. It was built with the help of scientists and developers of games. It has brain exercises that aim at improving your way of thinking in science and other areas of education. It helps people learn new things. Besides it can help you to be able to be more efficient and faster in solving problems. However to benefit better from these applications’ service it is recommended to subscribe to a monthly service of Lumosity.

6. Duolingo

This app falls into the category of those who want to learn a new language. It has a language course in French, Spanish and another twelve languages spoken commonly in the world. The app is user-friendly and it is suitable for skilled speakers and beginners. It users illustrations of pictures and spoken phrases by native speakers.

7. TED

TED is developed mainly to help in the sharing of great thoughts in the form of videos that are nicknamed “TED Talks”. They are of different topics including science, global issues, art and many more. The app provides this content free of charge.


It entails a variety of courses on various subjects. It provides the convenience of learning on the go or at home at your speed. Services of this app are not offered for free though, you have to subscribe monthly and you can take any load of courses you wish.


The owner of this app was a teacher and a business person. The difference of this app as compared to others like Lynda and Undemy is that all its courses are entirely free. You can choose as many a course as you wish all for absolutely no fee. This app mainly has content on academic content such as humanities, mathematics, and science and there is also some great stuff on Computer Science there.

10. Undemy

This is an online app that has many courses on like web development and even simple courses like guitar playing. On this app, you can also learn how to start a business of your own. There such a huge number of courses on this app and you are likely to have most of the courses you can think of on this app. This can range from guitar courses to industrial expertise. However, even though the Udemy app is free to download, its courses are not free. It should also be pointed out that even they require a fee the courses are not that expensive and even as little as ten dollars is enough to get you a curse. The price for courses varies, however, depending on its subject.



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