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Things Teachers Can Live Off During This Covid-19 Lock Down

Ever since the Covid–19 pandemic aggrandized itself, the world governments took measures that could save lives by allowing a few set backs in many industries. Among the most affected were the teachers, and since this kind of global system is unpredictable, teachers have to find a way to survive.
Survival is possible if one possesses a few skills from which they can earn a living. This can be achieved when teachers provide services, still as teachers, to their communities. But this time, we don’t visualize a group of students facing the blackboard and listening to the teacher. Nope. It is a few safe measures that won’t even transgress the rules that have been set.

1. Start your own educational website.

Have you heard of E–learning? I bet you have. Now that everybody is at home, the only thing they can look up to when they need knowledge about anything, is their computer or phone screen.
You can start a website at a low cost and have people subscribe to your courses, just as long as you can give your knowledge in exchange. This way, you can smartly earn.
Look, many people in the world wish they had half of your knowledge, because they already know how to get a living off it. So what are you waiting for? Start your website already, and you’ll do the rest of the magic seamlessly.

2. Coaching/ private lessons.

Currently, there are many well-to-do people out there whose children are struggling to grasp some difficult topics, from elementary writing to Advanced level mathematics. Perhaps some of them do not have the idea yet. Go ahead. Do the inception.

You can start off by going household to household, preferably after seeking consent from the local authorities, so that it all sounds legal. Matter of fact, you might even need a lawyer, just in case of anything.

You can also advertise yourself on Facebook and get the thing going. Post a video of yourself teaching a student so you can paint the parents a picture of how it will be when you get hold of their children. A few will be skeptical, of course, but others will choose to let you undergo constant tests and take you through the health precautions and give their children to you to lecture.

3. Create and distribute self–study materials.

By self–study materials, I mean small, summarised pamphlets that take the students through different topics. Make sure they are easy to read and understand, and simplify them as much as you can, because every student out there needs a simplified approach to educational content.

4. Write a text book.

This is not the same as summarized pamphlets. This is a bigger thing, a wider coverage. Look, every student right now is walking to a bookshop, because they want to buy a book they’ll read to understand the topics on their syllabus, both the already covered and the new topics.
I don’t mean to say that the idea is new, or no similar book has been written. It is actually a good idea because it has already been done before. Just try your best to make sure that your book provides a simple solution to the issues that your students face.

With the above measures, you can earn a living, but that’s if you’re not ready to change your status as a teacher. The flip side of the matter is that you might need to do the above with a little more patience than you already have, since they are quite slow.

However, if you can change professions a little bit for the better, it will be better. Think about things like agriculture. You can either be a farmer or you can deal in trading those farm products. What’s more, you can even sell farm supplies and agro–chemicals.

The different avenues through which we can make money are in front of us. We just have to open our eyes wider.

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