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Why Governments Shouldn’t Rush To Re-Open Schools During This Time

This period of time has affected the world, not only by causing deaths of thousands of people but by leading to the closure of various economic activities and businesses, schools inclusive. However, governments have been striving to lift the lockdown so that activities can run as normal, as the fight against Covid-19 still goes on. Different presidents of African countries have promised to either fully reopen schools or open up for candidates to resume, as they watch the atmosphere to determine whether other students should do likewise.

This, however, feels like these governments are rushing things, following the pressure that citizens are incurring on them, therefore putting the lives of children at risk.

Reasons Why Governments Shouldn’t Rush To Re-Open Schools During Covid-19 Pandemic

The following are the dangers of rushing to reopen schools as the risk still looms.
1. The massive spread of Covid-19.
We all know that the world is still looking for a cure to this global pandemic, and this whole process involves endless experiments under the pressure of citizens that need governments to respond. This means there is no cure or vaccine yet.
Also, we’re not sure about whether there won’t be any entrances inside these schools, because from there, a simple mistake will cause innumerable deaths.
Simply imagining that the disease will spread in schools and cause massive infections and deaths of the young ones is a fear factor.
Therefore, governments have to consider this before they rush to reopen schools.

2. Total setback in education.

At the moment, many parents regard 2020 as a dead academic year because the lockdown has crossed the first half of the year and still seems to be going on until the end of the year. Opening schools before resources have been prepared will only cause more trouble as it will extend the lockdown on schools since many students and teachers are most likely to be affected by the contagion.

3. Some private schools will fail to reopen.

This especially applies to the countries like Uganda and Ghana where the presidents promised to reopen schools for the candidates first, so that this isn’t a dead academic year. This however is a flawed procedure, as it is likely to cause a deficit on some private schools. The bills and salaries of teachers are expected to remain constant, so it will be impossible for some schools to operate.

4. Education will become more expensive.

Given the fact that schools shall have to admit a few numbers and have certain requirements as directed by the governments, they will be forced to increase the cost of education, so they can keep up with their own costs as schools.
This will make education more expensive and as a result, many students will fail to go to school as they won’t be able to put up with the costs.

5. Some parents won’t afford.

Considering the fact that in the majority of the affected countries, the lockdown hasn’t been fully lifted, there are many people that haven’t got a chance to resume their work yet. These include; bar owners, bartenders, public transport operators, religious leaders, etcetera.
These haven’t had a chance to work, so it means they won’t be able to get any school dues to pay for their children.
As a result, it will be only a few students that’ll go back to school.

6. Students from abroad won’t be favored.

Considering the fact that many international schools have international students, including some who need flights to get back, it becomes impossible for them to get back to school before the lockdown is totally lifted. This means they shall not be able to go to school.
Even from the neighboring countries that can get in by vehicle, the majority of the African countries only allow transit goods in and out of their countries. This still makes it impossible for the students from abroad to join their peers.

7. Inadequate medication.

This means when a good number of young people get infected, the medication shall not be enough to serve all of them, meaning hospitals shall have to choose between young people and adults, whom they should throw away, and whom to keep.
In such a situation, even the space in the hospitals will not be enough to accommodate the multitude of people that shall have acquired the virus. Medical equipment shall also be inadequate.

8. Astronomical expenditures.

When it comes to the governments, they shall spend too much money on the hospitals, the equipment, the staff, the vehicles and everything else. Remember, that will be when the virus has massively spread among the people, including the young ones.

9. The fake vaccine trap.

When the risk comes alive, governments shall panic and put much pressure on the scientists that are dedicating time and energy to discovering what the vaccine to the virus is. Therefore, such a situation shall cause panic among them, and they might just be forced to.release a fake vaccine, adding insult to injury.
If not causing more severe damage to the victims, the fake vaccine would be most likely to affect the victims in some other way, thus adding to their illness.

10. International criticism.

As the World Health Organization previously warned, all governments should not rush to.reopen schools as it may cause a more severe spread of the virus among the people. Failure to heed to this will invite international criticism from the WHO and other countries, especially those that some third world African countries are dependent on, including the USA and the UK.

11. Chaos.

It’s almost in human nature that people should not be satisfied with anything. The same people that are putting intolerable pressure on their governments to lift the lockdown on schools are the same people that will go on a rampage if everything comes to its worst. This in turn, might also threaten to cause the downfall of certain governments if the situation is not taken under control.


Considering all those effects that most definitely will arise from a step as simple as opening schools for “the good of everyone”, it is better that our African heads of state reconsider everything before they rush to reopen schools. The world is already in the worst fathomable state, so far and economy has been brought to its knees already.
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  1. Id says

    You are still here talking of innumerable deaths of learners, how many have died so far from Covid-19 or you think corona is locked in school waiting for them? Don’t we have it in those areas like Kibra, Eastleigh, Old Town, Lang’ata etc that have so far registered high infections tested? You talk about international schools with abundant ignorance. Do you know their calendar?

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