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Games, Assemblies Banned with Varied Break time in New Reopening Regulations

The government has released new guidelines through the ministry of education. They will be observed in schools as reopening is around the corner.

Education CS has unveiled the new regulations on September 16, 2020, while giving a press conference on the reopening of schools.

Some of the proposed regulations include the following.

  1. Eating will be done in shifts especially in schools where the population is high in order to prevent overcrowding in the dining halls.
  2. Lunch will be served to students in classes
  3. Persons cooking and serving students will wear personal protective equipment (PPEs). PPEs include gloves, aprons, and face masks to meet the required hygiene practices.
  4. Food and utensils will not be shared among students.
  5. Break time will be staggered to avoid overcrowding in toilets.

The government has provided a prototype for the manufacture of desks for students to meet the social distancing requirements. Kshs. 1.9 Billion has been set aside for making desks and bids from Jua Kali artisans have been invited by the government.

At least 15 secondary schools and 15 primary schools in every sub-county will benefit from the desks that will be locally assembled.

A tender notice was published on September 15 where the ministry announced an invitation for bids from Jua Kali artisans.

Applications are downloadable from the Ministries of Interior and Education websites or can be collected from deputy county commissioners’ offices.

Once an applicant has filled the forms, they can return them to the offices of the deputy county commissioners of their respective counties.

The model that will be adopted is the Kazi Mtaani Initiative to ensure that everything is open and transparent and only the best applicants will be picked.

Prototype of desks the government wants in schools/ Photo Courtesy

“For the sake of openness, fairness, and transparency in this process, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government, through their grassroots structures, will adopt a model that is similar to the one that is utilized in the Kazi Mtaani Initiative. This initiative will be used in identifying and pay the qualified suppliers,” read the notice provided by the government.

A ratio of one door for 25 girls is the recommended number while 30 boys for a urinal are recommended.

  • Toilets will be disinfected three times a day or more and will be done by responsible adults.
  • School cleaners will also be equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)
  • Most of the learning will take place outside classes with desks arranged facing forward in rows.
  • Personal items such as shoes, slippers, towels, and clothing will also not be shared among students.
  • Desks will also be disinfected every day.
  • The use of double-decker beds must meet the physical distancing guidelines of at least one meter apart.
  • There will be no games, drama, and assemblies as co-curricular activities will not be allowed in schools.
  • Hugging or high fives in games will be banned while sharing of water bottles is prohibited.

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