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Reasons Why Cabinet Approved the Return Of 4k Clubs In All Schools

The Ministry of Agriculture is preparing towards implementing the 4k – (Agricultural) Clubs in all schools in the country after the Cabinet approved it on Thursday 25th of February 2021.

The Cabinet approved the revival of the previous years’ 4-k clubs, saying that this will create interest in Agriculture and welcome players in Agriculture who shall be well-versed in technology.

4K in full means Kuungana, Kufanya, Kusaidia Kenya translated as coming together, to act, to help Kenya.

The 4-k clubs ceased to exist in the early 1990s. They used to be involved in sustainable agriculture through hands-on activities in the demonstration of gardens.

In the last two decades, there have been attempts to revive the 4k clubs at primary school levels without there being a national steering plan.

The Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Anne Nyaga shall be spear-heading the program under the stewardship of CS Peter Munya who welcomed the reintroduction of the 4K-Clubs. She said that this ensures that all children have knowledge of Agriculture.

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