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Ministry of Education Orders Fresh Choices for KCPE Candidates by 26th Feb

The Ministry of Education has directed KCPE candidates to do a revision of Sub-County school choices.

This was via a circular addressed to Regional Directors of Education, County Directors of Education and Sub-County Directors of Education. The Ministry of Education has asked schools to revise the choices between 15th February and 26th February, 2021.

Besides, the Ministry has also asked the Directors of Education to advise all Primary schools presenting candidates for KCPE that the choice of day schools will be based on the parents/guardians/area of residence, unlike the way it was in the past when candidates made choices from schools within sub-counties where they sat for their national examinations.

We provide the full circular that is requiring primary schools to revise the choice of schools for KCPE candidates.

Ref: No. MOE/3/6/86

  • Regional Directors of Education
  • County Directors of Education
  • Sub-County Directors of Education


In order to enable the Ministry to place all learners in secondary schools centrally, candidates must revise their sub-county schools choices (referred to day schools).

The Kenya National Examinations Council has therefore made it possible for learners through their schools to revise the choices between 15th February, 2021 and 26th February 2021.

Kindly revise all primary schools presenting candidates for KCPE that the choice of day schools will be based on the parents/guardians/area of residence.

This is a departure from the past where candidates made choices from schools within sub-counties where they sat for examinations.

In essence day schools should be within commutable distance from their residence.

The schools therefore need to be provided with the list of all sub-county schools in the country.

A soft copy has been sent to you by email.



Copy to: CEO Kenya National Examination Council

Chairperson, Kenya Primary Heads Association

Chairperson, National Parents Association

In January, the Ministry of Education through the Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang issued a list of measures that are to be followed in schools as the KCPE and KCSE examinations are drawing near.

The measures included reorganization of term dates, examination periods, change of the examination timetable, banning of social and activities related to it in schools during this term the national examination is set to be done. Half term breaks were also removed from the academic calendar during the national examination term.

Reorganization Of Term Dates And Mid-Term Breaks

Third term (or second term for forms 1 -3) for all basic education institutions i.e. primary and secondary schools, began on the 4th of January, 2021 and shall end on 19th March, 2021.

Unlike a normal term, there will be no half-term break during Second Term/Third Term given the short period and the need to sufficiently and effectively prepare for the National Examinations.

Examination Period and Time Table

The Ministry and stakeholders including KNEC have decided to reorganize examinations period and hence released a timetable that is in line with the new dates.

Banning Of Social Activities In Third Term

For students to be best prepared for the examinations, extra-curricular and social activities during the Second/Third Term (National Examination Term).

No prayer sessions are going to be held this year for candidates involving parents and outsiders in schools during the Third Term (now also known as the National Examination Term).

Prayer session consisting of school chaplains and teachers in following with the Ministry of Health’s Covid-19 guidelines will be allowed.

The intention is avoid contact that is unnecessary between candidates/students and outsiders during the examination period during this COVID-19 period.

Appointments And Responsibility Of Principals And Head Teachers

KNEC will appoint school principals and head teachers who shall be in charge of their examination centers with the help of supervisors who have been carefully selected.

Alongside the Board of Management (BoM) of Schools, these officials will take full responsibility and accountability for any examination malpractice reported in their centers, or schools.

KNEC will choose senior officials and some teachers to be supervisors and invigilators of the National Examinations.

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