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2020 TSC AON Minet Medical Insurance Scheme Information, Membership, and Benefits

This post examines the new 2020 Teachers Service Commission AON Minet Medical Insurance Scheme detailed information, how new members can enroll, and how to access the insurance benefits.

Who is Eligible for the 2020 TSC AON Minet Medical Insurance Scheme?

Principal Member

All teachers employed by the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) and actively in service are automatically eligible to be covered under the Minet Teachers’ Medical Scheme as Principal Members.


The following persons are considered dependants and are eligible for cover:

  • One (1) legal spouse of the member
  • Four (4) unmarried biological or legally adopted children who are dependent upon the member for support, provided that such children are aged not less than 38 weeks (full-term birth) and not more than 18 years, a condition that is extended to 25 years if the children are enrolled in a recognized post-secondary institution
  • No age limit applies to child dependants with a disability

How to Change Dependants Listed on the TSC AON Minet Cover

Once registered, the principal member can’t change their dependants until the end of the policy period unless as a result of the death or divorce of a spouse. However, at the start of each policy period, you will have a chance to review your cover and make changes to your dependants should you wish to. The end of a policy year occurs typically in September of every year.

2020 TSC AON Minet Terms and Conditions of Cover for Dependants

  • Pre-mature babies, i.e., babies born before 38 weeks are covered under maternity
  • The legal spouse of the dependant will be covered up to the age limit of 70 years
  • The cover does not cater for relatives of the principal member such as mother, father, sisters, brothers, nephews, nieces or grandchildren

Caution: If a principal member is found guilty of registering relatives onto the scheme, they will be considered to be in breach of contract and will be deregistered together with their dependants.

How to Register for TSC AON Minet Insurance Scheme

All teachers in active service with the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) are automatically eligible for cover. The principal member is, however, required to register themselves and their dependants.

AON Minet Registration Process

The registration process is done in two steps:

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) registration and biometric registration.

2020 TSC AON Minet Principal Member Registration
Ensure you have the below mandatory details:
•    TSC Number
•    ID Number
Step 1: Dial *865# from your Safaricom or Airtel mobile phone number
Step 2: Key in your TSC and National ID Numbers when prompted. The details will be verified against our database
Step 3: If successful, you will be prompted to enter your name (surname and other names), role and gender
Once done, you will receive a message confirming your successful registration onto the scheme and a prompt to register dependants.
2020 TSC AON Minet Dependants Registration
Step 1: Dial *865# from your Safaricom or Airtel mobile phone number
Step 2: Select the dependant you wish to register, i.e., spouse or child
Step 3: Enter Date of Birth, full name, ID Number/Birth Certificate Number
Reminder: Always register using your own phone since this is the phone number that is linked to your cover.

Steps for Biometric Registration of Members and Dependants on TSC AON Minet Insurance

Biometric Registration is carried out at the service provider’s premises. It follows the steps below: Step 1:    Present yourself at the service provider on our active panel (you can access the list of active providers by dialling *340#)

Step 2:    Identify yourself or your dependant with the TSC number

Step 3:    The service provider will generate an SMS that contains the One-Time-Pin (OTP), sent to the principal member’s mobile number

Step 4:    You will present this OTP to the service provider representative to kickstart the fingerprint registration

Step 5:    You will be requested to place your index finger and thumb on the biometric device, and the impressions will be recorded against your membership record

NB: Children under 5 years of age will be registered under either the parent or an appointed guardian.

How to Access Medical Services using TSC AON Minet Insurance Scheme

Members of the Teachers’ Medical Scheme can access any of our service providers on our panel countrywide.

This list is accessible by dialing *340# from your Safaricom/Airtel line.

Details on Referral and Specialist Services under TSC AON Minet Insurance Scheme

Instances where a member may require referral/specialist services include:

 1. Where the service sought cannot be accessed directly, such as an x-ray, MRI, chemotherapy, or specialized services such as gynae care, oncology, etc.

In this instance, the member will visit a primary healthcare service provider who will issue a referral letter to the member allowing them to seek the service at a referral service provider within our panel.

 2. Where the service provider is not contracted to give a particular service.

In this instance, the service provider will issue a referral letter to the member indicating the service they seek and the name of the service provider they are referring to the member to.

Benefits for Members of TSC AON Minet Insurance

2020 TSC AON Minet Medical Insurance Scheme Benefits
2020 TSC AON Minet Medical Insurance Scheme Benefits
  • All benefits are family shared
  • Last Expense and Group Life are payable upon the death of the principal member
  • Inpatient services are payable net of NHIF.

2020 TSC AON Minet Inpatient and Outpatient Benefits

2020 TSC AON Minet Inpatient Services

As part of the inpatient cover, the principal member and/or dependants are eligible to receive the following benefits:

• Hospital accommodation charges:

Group G-N standard ward bed rate net of NHIF rebate pay

Group P-R standard private ward bed rate net of NHIF rebate per day

• Doctor’s/Surgeon’s fee

• ICU/HDU theatre charges

• Drugs/medicine, dressings, and internal surgical appliances

• Pathology, x-ray, ultrasound, ECG, MRI scans and computerized tomography

• Inpatient radiotherapy, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and chemotherapy

• Emergency road and air evacuation within East Africa leading to admission

• Hospital accommodation for accompanying parent or guardian for hospitalized children below seven (7) years

• Post hospitalization benefit (within 21 days after discharge from hospital)

• Treatment of congenital defects/genetical disorders

• Treatment of pre-existing and chronic conditions (including cancer)

• Treatment of HIV/AIDS-related conditions

• Rehabilitation services including services like home care, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy

• Inpatient ophthalmological and dental surgeries

Note that all the payments related to the medical cover are net of NHIF rebates, rates, and deductions.

2020 TSC AON Minet Outpatient Services

The Teachers’ Medical Cover offers unlimited outpatient consultations. These will include but are not limited to:

  • Routine outpatient consultations
  • Diagnostic laboratory and radiology services including x-ray, ultrasound, MRI and CT Scans
  • Daycare surgery for minor surgical treatment that may not require admission
  • Prescribed physiotherapy
  • Prescribed drugs and dressing
  • Prescribed routine laboratory tests
  • HIV/Aids-related conditions and prescribed ARVs to the full limit per family per annum
  • Dialysis
  • Routine immunizations and KEPI vaccinations
  • Pap smear for ladies and PSA for men (principal member-only)
  • Routine antenatal check-ups

Reminder: Always produce your NHIF card at the point of service as bills are paid net of NHIF. For primary outpatient care, a co-pay of KShs. 50 is payable by the member or dependant visiting the hospital.

TSC AON Minet Maternity Services 
  • Routine antenatal check-ups
  • Delivery fees
  • Postnatal care up to six weeks
  • Emergency and elective cesarean section
  • Congenital conditions
  • Pre-maturity expenses
  • Routine immunizations and/or KEPI vaccinations

Maternity benefits are only available to the principal member and spouse.

Newborn babies must be registered immediately upon birth.

TSC AON Minet Dental Services

Dental benefits under this cover included but not limited to:

  • Dental consultation and anesthetist’s fees
  • Root canal treatment
  • Tooth extractions
  • Scaling necessitated by prevailing medical conditions and prescribed by a dentist
TSC AON Minet Optical Services

This benefit caters for expenses related to eye treatment. This includes but is not limited to the cost of:

  • Lenses
  • Spectacle frames
TSC AON Minet Evacuation Services

Should an emergency occur, contact Minet immediately via the Call Centre Hotline number.

Scheme members will be covered for the following Road and Air ambulance and Evacuation services:

  • Emergency Air Ambulance Evacuation Services within East Africa
  • Emergency Road Ambulance Evacuation services within East Africa
  • Overseas Evacuation/Treatment abroad in India, where treatment is not available locally and within policy limits

In cases where a member is involved in a medical emergency, they will access services at the appointed service providers in the region. Minet Kenya Insurance Brokers Limited’s emergency response team will be receiving the requests and will coordinate the evacuation process.

2020 AON Minet Insurance Scheme Contacts

Should you require further information, or assistance, kindly contact us through the numbers below:

  • Call Centre Hotline: 1528 call or SMS from any mobile network (Safaricom and Airtel subscribers)
  • Call Centre General Lines: 0719 044 799/0719 044 999/0730 604 000


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