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10 Best Future Career Courses Based On Technology Trends

It is not easy to decide and settle on one career course, especially with changing trends in the global labour demands. As a guide, it is good for one to factor in the technological trends in addition to individual interests and abilities.

Before diving into our list of the 10 best future career courses based on the technology trends, it is important to understand why technology is playing key roles in almost every sector of our lives.

Why Choose a Course Based On Technology?

We are in the middle of a 4TH technological revolution, and many companies today have started incorporating technology in every aspect of their operation. Technology has helped bring convenience in operating big companies and has also improved customer experience.

So, let’s get started…

10 Best Future Career Courses Based on Technology

The following are the 10 best future career courses based on technology trends given randomly:

1. 3D Printing

A career in 3D printing is slowly developing itself as days go by at a very high rate. 3D is increasingly becoming a part of the manufacturing sector. Suggestions for additive manufacturing have become more substantial in recent times.

10 Best Future Career Courses Based on Technology
3D Printing Future Career Course. (Photo/Courtesy)

The potential of this technology is enormous especially in the health sector and defence and aerospace industries that have benefited from transformations in production and business with the development of supply chains of materials and additive technology.

Experts in this area will be extremely crucial as 3D printing has been drastically enhanced in these areas. However, how additive manufacturing will influence other manufacturing and industries remains to be seen.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

10 Best Future Career Courses Based On Technology Trends
Internet of Things IoT Career Course. (Photo/Courtesy)

Internet of Things is among the most revolutionary trends in technology in our contemporary life. For simplicity, the Internet of Things connects the real world to the digital one.

Many devices in our society today have gained an identity online and are also able to interact with their external environment.

Big technology companies like IBM and Cisco have begun developing their infrastructure of the Internet of Things.

Business Intelligence specialists will be on-demand to work as data center managers and sensor data analysis. Information security will demand specialists in the assessment of vulnerability and mitigate risks where applicable. This is because the potential of “Big Data” is going to be realized, and it will come with even more significant challenges.

3. User Experience Design (UED)

10 Best Future Career Courses Based On Technology Trends
User Experience Design UED Career Course. (Photo/Courtesy)

User experience entails all the aspects of the interaction of the end-user with a system or a company.

Rendering appealing experience to end-users or customers involves design, usability, functionality, and branding of software.

User experience arose by itself with changes in technology over the years and today, many firms have sought a career in user experience design. They provide high paying jobs around and more and more job openings in this area will likely rise in the next decade.

4. Digital Marketing

10 Best Future Career Courses Based On Technology Trends
Digital Marketing Career Course. (Photo/Courtesy)

Demand for skills in digital marketing is high, as many market brands have invested in digital marketing now more than ever.

A career in this area is only going to provide increased pay and more career choices. Among the career options in this area include video/audio production, analytics, e-commerce, web development, mobile marketing, and marketing automation among others.

A starter should get training in more than one area in digital marketing to widen the scope.

5. App Development

10 Best Future Career Courses Based On Technology Trends
App Development Career Course. (Photo/Courtesy)

As smartphones and other micro-computers have become common in society today, the development of apps has become one of the best paying jobs around, and hence revenue from app development has dramatically risen.

Nobody predicted technology would be integrated so much in our livelihood, yet nowadays internet has control of everything right from our houses, vehicles and all devices including even smart-watches that can also monitor our physical condition and help collect medical data before we even experience symptoms. All this is achieved by applications developed for almost every purpose.

6. Robotics

10 Best Future Career Courses Based On Technology Trends
Robotics Career Course. (Photo/Courtesy)

The reality of robotics has been experienced in the industrial world for some time now. They help in doing even the most undesirable tasks we humans are uncomfortable to do or unable to carry out.

Robots have been developed to aid humans as assistants or also to conduct deliveries. Imagine a robotic assistant helping to offer technical advice or even effort in the workplace. This is achieved by a type of robot called collaborative robot i.e. cobot.

Experts who can operate, program or repair these devices will be sort after in the coming days as robots continue to prove great helpers in both our homes or as has been in the manufacturing industry.

Competent programmers can build a great career future in robotics

7. CyberSecurity

10 Best Future Career Courses Based On Technology Trends
CyberSecurity Career Course. (Photo/Courtesy)

Seasoned computer users and developers are aware of the existence of this field for a while now, but we can all testify that new challenges have always sprung due to the unpredictable nature of threats.

Hackers are still there and keep inventing new techniques. Therefore, as long there are hackers, cybersecurity will always require dynamic specialists to solve various threats posed to the data of users and companies.

8. Data Science

10 Best Future Career Courses Based On Technology Trends
Data Science Career Course. (Photo/Courtesy)

Data is a crucial element in business, and as such data science, experts are in demand. Data experts work with both unorganized and organized data to produce proper information and help the business to achieve its goals. They perform analytics and do data cleansing and data manipulation for a company and this helps in the production of useful reports for use in its planning.

9. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

10 Best Future Career Courses Based On Technology Trends
Artificial Intelligence AI Career Course. (Photo/hackernoon)

AI systems are being used in the “as-a-service” platform in many companies in the sense that companies buy ready-made software and then enter company data so that it helps them in their day-to-day activities.

Nowadays, computers can be able to recognize images, speech or patterns and can also help in decision making.

Jobs in this field exist in programming, support, development, testing, and maintenance of AI-based systems.

AI is still a field that has enormous potential for growth and hence will only provide even more career opportunities in the future.

10. Deep/Machine Learning

10 Best Future Career Courses Based On Technology Trends
Deep/Machine Learning Career Course. (Photo/Courtesy)

This is a part of Artificial Intelligence where machines are programmed so that they learn new things, discovering insights and patterns from data. They are developed to learn to do what they are not programmed to do.

Machine learning has been integrated into many industries, and this has and will continue creating many career opportunities.

The top careers in this field are as an NLP Scientists, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer and as a Human-Centered Machine Learning Designer.

Machine learning is currently applied in web search results, network intrusion detection, and real-time advertisements.

There you have it, our 10 best future career courses according to advancements in technology. Do you have any suggest, addition, or comments about this article? Kindly share below or contact us via the methods outlined on this site.


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