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Sad News: Teacher Found Dead in Lodging, Sex-Pills alongside the body

Nyamira County: On Tuesday A retired school teacher was found dead in Club78 lodging in Nyamira Town with sex enhancement pills found alongside the body.

The 78-year-old Saul Mokua’s body was found lying on a bed.

Report collected by Kenya News Agency, the late was last seen a day before in the company of a middle aged woman.  The two checked in the infamous Club78  located within the town at Nyabite Market.

Township Sun-Location Chief Johnson Manyara said that the retired teacher comes from Bosamaro Chache Location, a nearby location bordering where the death incident occured.

The Chief said after speculation of the teacher’s whereabouts, they decided to access the room where the retired-teacher’s body was found.

On the side of the body lay a packet of sex enhancement tablets, which they suspected may have cost the teacher his life.

“It is suspected that the deceased might have taken an overdose of the enhancement tablets,” said Chief Manyara.

Kenya News Agency reported that the deceases had ever been diagnosed with high blood pressure as hinted by the close relatives.

The retired teacher’s body is being preserved at Kinara Hospital where the autopsy report will confirm the exact cause of death.





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