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Youth Told To Maintain Peace During the Examination Period

Youth across the country has been implored to maintain peace, especially at this time when Grade 6 and 7, Class 8 and Form Four candidates are set to sit for their national examinations this month.

“Without peace, development projects like education and farming are disrupted slowing down the growth of communities,” said Narok County Commissioner Hassan Noor.

Noor was addressing residents at Kilgoris High School where he oversaw the surrender of illegally owned arms area.

The Commissioner remembered with a little bit of disgust how the locals could flock run to the safety of schools during the battles fought between residents of Trans Mara and their neighbours from Kisii County.

“Let those archaic practices be buried in the deepest graves of forgetfulness,” implored Noor.

In the meeting, the Police administrator said that his security officer had recovered one hundred and five guns through the government amnesty that had been extended to them.

“When you coexist peacefully, you have time to attend to your farms, livestock and trade activities that are pillars of economic stability,” he added.

The Commissioner also called on the communities that live along the Narok-Kisii border to encourage their children to interact and play together in order to cultivate cohesion and peaceful coexistence for the sake of the future.

“I encourage our youth from these communities to intermarry and break the chains of tribalism that have held our people back for so long,” he said.

Commissioner praised the Peace Committees from both Transmara and Kenyenya sub-counties for their efforts in assisting the government to identify areas where there is discontent and mitigate those situations early.

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