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TVET Opens Online MIS System for Licensing of Trainers, Assessors, Colleges, and Programs

Kenya’s Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority  (TVETA) through TVET has launched its MIS System, an online portal at mis.tveta.go.ke where trainers, assessors, verifiers, institutional colleges, and programs will be licensed.

TVET Management Information System (MIS)

The online portal dubbed ‘TVET Management Information System (MIS)’ will help speed the registration and licensing of TVET trainers as opposed to the previous manual paper application method. The accreditation of TVET Colleges and programs will also be faster.

According to TVET Authority CEO Dr. Kipkirui Langat, using the TVET MIS system, they have successfully managed to make the application process seamless, more comfortable, and faster for clients.

“ We have automated the whole application and feedback process for the accreditation services,” said Dr. Langat.

Application for TVET College Registration and Licensing via MIS System

“Those applying for registration and licensing of colleges will now apply through the portal and attach all the required documents either through computers or mobile devices with an internet connection,” directed the TVET CEO.

After the online application, the applicant will then await the TVETA Board’s decision. The board will approve or decline the accreditation of the college or program and communicate back to the applicant online.

Dr. Langat added that applicants will be notified of their application progress via the system alerts and status tracking.

Upon successful approval of the application process, the system will automatically generate a registration certificate and or license.

Institutions to File Annual Returns Online through TVET MIS System

In addition to licensing and registration, the TVET MIS system will allow TVET institutions to file their annual returns to the authority through their system accounts.

The annual returns data will entail the student enrolments, staff, infrastructure, course uptake, dropout rate, among others.

“TVET MIS System is created to improve efficiency by allowing the users and our staff to track the entire process of registration from the first to the last step,” Said Dr. Langat.

Another advantage of the TVET MIS online portal is that it guides applicants and users throughout the application process. It even prompts and reminds them of the requirements at each stage.



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