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TPAD Calendar of Activities for Term 3; TPAD to Close on The 23rd Of July 2021

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) opened the Teachers Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD 2) for the third term in the last month for activation and filling.

TSC has directed teachers to complete filling and then submit TPAD ratings for the third term by the 23rd of July 2021.

The same applied to the Performance Contract (PC) forms for the third term for Heads of Schools.

2, 349 primary school teachers and 827 secondary school teachers saw their names added to the TSC blacklist for not filling and submitting their TPAD ratings on time.

According to the Commission, the Teachers had varied offenses ranging from having TPAD awaiting submission or appraisal or the principal’s countersigning or that TPAD filling was incomplete.

TSC proceeded to issue show cause letters to the teachers over TPAD-related offenses.

In Term two of the 2020 academic year (term 2) teachers were given until the 6th of April 2021 to ensure that they have appraised submitted their ratings online. TSC then closed TPAD 2 for the second term on 6th of April 2020.

Following the release of term dates for the year 2021, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC has given specific timelines when teachers shall perform various activities on TPAD.

These activities shall be done at the institution level.

TPAD Calendar of Activities at the Institution Level

TPAD Activity
Action By
Time Frame
Planning meetings before school opening involving all staff to set school TPAD Activity calendar
Heads of Institutions, Senior Management Team, Teachers
By last week of the school holiday.
Submission of professional documents
Head of institution All Teachers
By the end of the first week of the term
Undertaking lesson observations and identifying and documenting teacher’s professional gaps
Appraisees and appraisers
  Between 2nd week ad 10th
Undertaking teacher professional development to address professional gaps
Appraises, appraisers, institutional administrators
Throughout the term; from 1st week to the last week of the term
Internal Monitoring & Evaluation of the implementation of TPAD process.
Heads of institution, Deputy Head of Institution, Heads of Department
Continuous throughout the term
Monitoring the implementation of TPAD Process at county level; zonal, sub county & county
Curriculum Support Officers, Sub County Directors and County Directors
Throughout the term; from 1st week to the last week of the term
TPAD rating meetings
Appraise (teachers) and appraiser (HODs, deputy heads, Heads of Institution, CSOs, SCD)
By the closing date of term
Uploading of TPAD data and evidence.
Appraise (teachers) and appraiser (HODs, deputy heads, Heads of Institution, CSOs, SCD)
Throughout the term

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