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Teachers’ Union Official Wants George Magoha Sacked For Insulting Colleague

Uasin Gishu Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) Secretary-General Elija Maiyo has called for the sacking of Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha for publicly remonstrating with an education official.

Elija Maiyo called out Prof George Magoha for his remarks towards the county Director of Education Gitonga Mbaka.

Call for Magoha to Apologize

Speaking to journalists on Monday, November 9, 2020, the KUPPET official implored CS Magoha to apologize saying that what he said has marred the reputation of the education sector in the country. Besides, Elija Maiyo said that the sentiments from the CS subjected Mbaka to ridicule from the public especially from netizens.

“We urge the CS to apologize immediately. If he fails to do so, we will seek legal address because it was unbecoming of a man of his stature to refer to a director of Education as a fool,” said Elija Maiyo.

The union leaders have vowed to boycott all meetings hosted by the education boss in the area until the matter is solved.

About the Video

In the video, Magoha was wearing a grey suit with other stakeholders of education flanking him. He is seen questioning Mbaka about the poor condition of the school.

According to Citizen, Magoha was annoyed by how untidy the school was. The school was also under construction.

Cabinet Secretary George Magoha asked the education official, teachers, and students to collect rubbles.

The County Director of Education wore a blue suit and had gray hair, (possibly indicative of his age bracket) responded that he would solve the matter and give a report to the CS.

The response from the CDE seemed to annoy the CS and this made Magoha order him to leave.

In the opinion of Maiyo, this was embarrassing for the CS to tell the education official to collect rubbish in the school compound.

“It was embarrassing for the CS to ask teachers to collect rubbish. The rubble was there because construction was ongoing in the school,” said Maiyo.

Maiyo’s statement was reiterated by Sosthen Bellat, a teacher eyeing the KUPPET championship in Uasin Gishu who urged Magoha to act in a manner befitting of his status.

“Abusing grey-haired director of education who is humble and true to service if a new low. It is demeaning and uncalled for. There are other civil ways of dealing with juniors. We pray the God makes Magoha humble,” said Bellat.

Bellat said that failure to tame Magoha will create bad precedence for future generations among them students who need to be shown the way and corrected with love.

A statement from PLO Lumumba said:

“With due respect, you should not humiliate an officer in this manner. It is wrong and unconscionable because power relations does not allow him to respond.”

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