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Ministry Directs Fresh Registration of TTCs as Intake Nears

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has ordered the re-registration of all teacher training colleges (TTCs).

This was communicated through a circular sent yesterday on 10th February 2021, to all County Directors of Education (CDEs). The re-registration was ordered to happen immediately.

This happens at a time when the ministry is transiting the training teachers in Primary Colleges from P1 certificate from P1 certificate to Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE).

The Education Ministry has instructed  only 41 teacher training colleges to offer the Diploma in Primary Teacher Education.

Colleges registered and approved to offer the coveted teacher training are as follows:

  1. Migori TTC
  2. Asumbi TTC
  3. St. Paul’s Nyaburu TTC
  4. Kenyenya TTC
  5. Borabu TTC
  6. Muranga TTC
  7. Kilimambogo TTC
  8. Kimosi TTC
  9. St. Augustine TTC
  10. St. Marks Kigari TTC.
  11. Fr. Solati TTC
  12. Meru TTC.
  13. Egoji TTC
  14. Shanzu TTC
  15. Kamwenja TTC
  16. Aberderes TTC
  17. Thogotho TTC
  18. Kericho West TTC
  19. Chest TTC
  20. Rachuonyo TTC
  21. Madonna TTC
  22. Rongai TTC
  23. Mosoriot TTC
  24. Moi Baringo TTC
  25. Mandera TTC
  26. Kericho TTC
  27. Narok TTC
  28. Garissa TTC
  29. Kitui TTC
  30. Machakos TTC
  31. Mwingi TTC
  32. Mwingi West
  33. Holy Rosay TTC
  34. Mutitu Adventist
  35. Tambach TTC
  36. Bunyore TTC
  37. Eregi TTC
  38. Galana TTC
  39. Eastern Kenya Integrated College
  40. Sunrise TTC
  41. International College TTC

This is a big worry to those who seek t pursue studies in Early Childhood Education which often happens in schools during the holidays.

“It is also directed that all training of tecahers for Diploma in Primary Education and Early Childhood Education shall be done in registered public and private colleges and not any other venue,” read the circular by Hassan Abdi on behalf of Principal Secretary.

The ministry ordered County Directors to ensure TTCs are re-registered and the re-registration concluded by 28th February 2021.

Registration of Candidates for 2021 Teacher Education Examinations

The Kenya National Examinations Council has announced that they will administer the following examinations for Teacher Education.

  1. Diploma in Special Needs Education – (SNE)
  2. Diploma in Teacher Education (DTE)
  3. Early Childhood Development and Education – (ECDE)
  4. Primary Teacher Education – PTE
  5. Teacher Certificate in Adult Education – (TCAE)

After the Ministry of Education released revised Term Dates, KNEC communicated to all Heads of Teacher Training Institutions that important dates for various Teacher Education examination processes has been rescheduled as follow:

Online registration of candidates
1st March to 30th April
1st March to 30th April
1st March to 30th April
1st March to 30th April
Return of registration materials to KNEC by colleges
3rd to 10th May                                
3rd to 10th May                                
3rd to 10th May                                
3rd to 10th May                                
Assessment of candidates with special needs
2nd to 11th June
2nd to 11th June
2nd to 11th June
2nd to 11th June
Assessment of teaching practice
Examinations Period
  1. All candidates who have been referred in previous PTE and TCAE examinations are eligible to register for the referred papers in the year 2021
  2. There will be no registration for the Proficiency in Early Childhood Development Education.
  3. The current Certificate and Diploma in ECDE course will be offered for the last time year 2021 as the curriculum for ECDE is expected to change in the year 2022.
  4. The heads of teacher training institutions and sub-county directors of education are requested to bring this information to the attention of the Trainees and candidates who have been referred in the previous examinations.

TTCs to have first intake in May

At the moment, the Ministry of Education is in the final stages of its plans to enable Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) to admit the first cohort as well as the ECDE certificate courses in an effort to implement the new curriculum in all schools.

The first intake of Diploma Teacher Trainees will happen in May 2021. Applications could be done online.

How to Apply For Diploma in Primary Education Online 2021

  1. Go to the KUCCS student portal website via the link: https://students.kuccps.net/
  2. Click on the “Login” button and the enter your KCSE Index Number.
  3. Enter your KCSE year.
  4. On the password, use your Birth Certificate Number. OR  KCPE Index Number (as used in KCSE exam Registration) as your Initial Password.
  5. Make application as per your area of interest and qualifications.
  6. Wait for communication from KUCCPS on your placement results.
  7. Proceed to download your admission letter and report to the selected TTC on the specified dates.

Plans are already complete to admit the first group of diploma teacher trainees after the Government removed certificate courses in a string move to implement the new curriculum in schools.

In the new tuition programme, diploma courses shall be the minimum training levels for all primary school teachers in the County as the Government is planning for quality teaching and learning.

All you need to know about DPTE

Entry Requirement for Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE)

KCSE Grade C plain, or its equivalent as equated by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC).

Duration of the Course

The Diploma for Primary Teacher Education takes a period of three years to complete as approved by curriculum design.


The teachers’ trainees are allowed to specialize in three subject areas as long as they have attained a minimum of KCSE grade of C (Plain) in the learning areas they want to specialize in.

 The areas for specialization are grouped into four clusters. However, teacher will only pick one subject in every category to specialize in.

Candidates shall specialize from the first year in three learning areas at the minimum, preferably from any one of the four clusters.

Cluster 1 Subjects

  • Indigenous Languages
  • Kenya Sign Language
  • Foreign Languages (German, French, Arabic, and Mandarin (Chinese)

Cluster 2 subjects

  • Mathematics
  • Home science
  • Agriculture
  • Science and Technology

Cluster 3 subjects

  • Social studies
  • Religious education (CRE, HRE, IRE)

Cluster 4 subjects

  • Art and Craft
  • Music
  • Mandatory subjects i.e. English, Kiswahili, Physical and Health Education (PHE), Kenya Sign Language for Hearing impaired.

The Mandatory learning areas shall build on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the young teacher for effective lesson delivery.


Once an individual has completed the required hours for coursework and passed the required assessment as KNEC directs shall be approved to teach in schools.

They will also be required to have completed the required hours for the practicum and passed the required assessment as KNEC directs.

There shall be three months micro-teaching undertaken as a course and will be a pre-requisite for teaching practice.

In this period, teacher trainees will prepare learning and teaching materials and short lessons, which they will try on their peers for practice and feedback.


These trainees once they complete the course they are eligible for registration by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to teach in primary schools and ECDE centres in the country.

The core areas that have been revamped are: teacher support courses; English, Kiswahili or KSL for trainees who are hearing-impaired; and physical and health education.

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