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Drama in Meru as Enraged Parents Slaughter School Bulls

Mbajone Primary School in Meru County was a perfect stage for uncensored drama after boisterous parents stormed the learning institution, seized two bulls, and slaughtered them alleging that the administration was about to sell the animals.

The two bulls slaughtered by the angry parents in Meru.
The two bulls slaughtered by the angry parents in Meru. [Photo/Courtesy]
Carrying twigs and singing songs, the about 90 parents defied the area chief and police who tried to stop them from accessing the school compound.

Drama in Meru as Enraged Parents Slaughter 2 School Bulls. [Photo/Courtesy]
Meru Parents slaughter school bulls. [Photo/Courtesy]
They got hold of two bulls that were tethered at different in-school grazing points, slaughtered and shared the 254 kilograms of meat, and Sh 10,000 that they attained from selling a cart the bulls were pulling, to a parent.

Parents Paid Sh. 1,500, But Management Wanted to Sell Foodstuff and the Livestock

One of the parents, Mr. Julius Mwirigi, said they paid Sh. 1,500 through the parents-teachers association (PTA) to cater for various needs, but the management still wanted to sell foodstuff and the livestock.

He said the sole purpose of the bulls had been to draw water to save on costs, but they were still being asked for money for water, eliciting anger.

The parents claimed they were provoked by the realization that livestock such as pigs as well as bags of maize belonging to the school had allegedly been sold off without following due process.

Meru Parents slaugher school bulls.
Angry Parents. [Photo/Courtesy]
According to the parents, they were often asked to plant various crops on the school farm, but never enjoy the proceeds. Another parent John Mwirigi said they were protesting the lack of transparency at the institution.

29 bags, according to another parent, had been left in the school store when learning was suspended but none can be accounted for.

KNUT Sides with School Administration

However, Caxton Miungi, Knut’s Meru Central Executive Secretary sided with the school administration saying the proceeds from the sales were used to settle a debt in regard to desks.

He said the parents had not contributed money for the furniture after schools were closed in March, but some were disappointed because they didn’t get the tender, and so they incited others.

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