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Teacher Salaries in Kenya per month

For many years, teachers have protested to better payment from the Kenyan government. The Kenya National Teachers Union (KNUT) fought hard with the government over this and eventually they succeeded in getting teachers a salary increment. The Salaries and Remuneration Commission struck a deal with teachers on increasing their salaries. However, this was to be done in three phases.

Implementation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission ended frequent protests from teachers.  We will talk about the CBA at the end of this article. At the time of writing this article, the implementation of the CBA is in its third and final phase. This phase was expected to run between last year and this year (between 2019 and 2020).

Breakdown of the New TSC Salaries and Teacher Grading System

According to the current TSC teachers upgrading system, some jobs grouped merged with others while other were done away with. For instance, grade P1 was previously under job group G but was eliminated and was instead replaced by Grade B5. Grade B5 was then designated as the entry grade for primary school teachers.

So How Were The Other Grades Reorganized?

Previous Grade
Current Grade
Teacher Salary Scale

 Beyond the above grades, another ‘echelon’ was created having grades P, Q and R which were given new Grading as follows.

Previous Grade
Current Grade
Teacher Salary Scale

Another level was still granted by The Salaries and Remuneration Committee that involved an additional two grades.

Previous Grade
Current grade
Teacher Salary Scale

Designation Codes for all categories of the new grading system

Grade B5 (T-Scale 5) – Primary Educator II

Grade C1 (T-Scale 6) – Primary Teacher I, Secondary teacher II, and lecturer III

Grade C2 (T-Scale 7) – Secondary Educator II, Lecturer II, Senior Educator II, Special Need Educator for Primary Schools

Grade C3 (T-Scale 8) – Secondary Educator I, Special Need Educator Teacher I (for primary schools), Senior Teacher I, Lecturer I, Special Need Educator (for Secondary Schools).

Grade C4 (T-Scale 9) – Senior Master IV, Special Need Educator Senior Teacher (for Primary Schools), Senior Lecturer IV, Deputy Head Educator II and Special Need Education Teacher I (for secondary schools).

Grade C5 (T-Scale 10) – Senior Master III, Deputy Principal IV, Deputy Head Teacher, Senior Lecturer III, Head Educator, Curriculum Support Officer II.

Grade D1 (T-Scale 11) – Deputy Principal III, Senior Master II, Senior Lecturer II, Curriculum Support officer I and Senior Head Educator.

 Grade D2 (T-Scale 12) – Senior Master I and Deputy Principal II

Grade D3 (T-Scale 13) – Deputy Principal I and Principals

Grade D4 (T-Scale 14) – Senior Principals

Grade D5 (T-Scale 15) – Chief Principals

What is the Current Salary Structure for Teachers in Kenya?

Chief Principal – between Ksh. 165,089 to Ksh. 200,928

Senior Principal –between Ksh. 143,748 to Ksh. 174,270

Principal GAT I – between Ksh 129,527 to Ksh. 155,894

Principal GAT II – between Ksh. 80,190 to Ksh. 97,290

Senior GAT – between Ksh. 69,590 to Ksh. 83,840

GAT I – between Ksh. 61,910 to 71,880

GAT II – between Ksh. 46,020 to Ksh 56,590

GAT III – between Ksh. 34,662 to Ksh. 33662

P1 – between Ksh. 25,692 to 30,304

What about the Interns?

Interns also known as graduate Trainees will be absorbed into teaching for one year or a 12 months period. The interns earn Ksh. 10,000 for primary schools and Ksh. 15,000 for secondary schools.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

The parties involved in the Collective Bargaining Agreement are the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) and the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET). TSC is a constitutional Commission created under 231(1) of the Kenyan constitution. KNUT and KUPPET are trade unions registered under section 12 of the labor Relation act.

What Were the Objectives and Purpose of the 2017-2021 CBA?

The main objective was to ensure both parties work in harmony in negotiating the terms and service of teachers for the purpose of improve the standards of teaching and performance in the teaching service.

Another purpose was to facilitate structured and constructive dialogue between the parties in order to maintain industrial peace in the teaching fraternity.

Duration of the CBA

Commencement of the Collective Bargaining Agreement was from 1ST July 2017. Then the CBA was to remain effective until 30TH June, 2021. The CBA binds all parties until a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is negotiated.

The code of Regulations and Code of Conduct and Ethics of Conduct of Teachers shall form a crucial part of this agreement.


  • Teacher employed by TSC on permanent and pensionable terms shall remain on probation for a period of not more than six months.
  • A teacher shall apply to the commission (upon expiry of probation) through writing for confirmation of appointment.
  • The commission shall upon receipt of the confirmation letter of a teacher and based on the recommendation of the head of the institution, confirm the appointment of the teacher to permanent and pensionable terms, or extend with the consent of the teacher probation for another period not exceeding 6 months.
  • The commission shall where the teacher completes further period of probation confirm or terminate the service of the teacher, based on recommendation of the head.
  • A teacher, who transfers service from the civil service to the teaching service while on permanent and pensionable terms, shall not be subjected to probation period.


Parties agreed remuneration payable to teachers shall be determined pursuant to the Kenyan constitution.

Basic salary– this shall be implemented in a period of four years. Click here to see basic salary of teachers during Phase II of the agreement (2018/2019)

Commuter allowance– click here to see current commuter allowance for teachers in all grades from B5 to D5.

Reader/Facilitation/Aid allowance– this shall be payable at the rate of kshs 15,000 p.m to blind teachers and teachers confined to wheelchairs by virtue of their disability.

Leave allowance– this shall be payable to teachers once per year. Click here to see current leave allowance for teachers in all grades.

Hardship allowance– This shall be payable to teachers designated to work in hardship areas. Click here to see current hardship allowance for teachers in all grades.

Medical benefit


The parties agreed that the discipline of teachers shall be undertaken as provided in the Code of Regulation of Teachers and Code of Conduct and Ethics for Teachers.

Grievances Handling Procedure

  • Parties agreed that at all times attempt will be made to resolve all their grievances in amicable manner with a view of maintaining sustainable industrial peace in the teaching sub-sector. Therefore, the parties must exhaust all the alternative dispute resolution mechanism under the law before settling for industrial action.
  • In case the alternative dispute fails, either party shall be at liberty to refer the grievances to the Cabinet Secretary for labour as provided for under Labour Relation Act.

Sexual Harassment

Parties shall be guided by Sexual Harassment Clauses in the Employer’s Gender Policy revised 2011 and regulation 23 of the Code of Conduct and Ethics for Teachers

Public Holidays

The commission shall observe public holidays as provided for in the constitution, national legislation or any other day, as it will be gazetted by the government.

Performance Management and Evaluation

The parties agree that the commission shall undertake annual performance evaluation of all teachers in its employment as per the code of Regulation for teachers.

Exit from teaching service

A teacher may exit service through any of the following means;

  • Resignation.
  • Retirement.
  • Redundancy.
  • Termination.
  • Dismissal.
  • Transfer of service.
  • Release to other organisation.
  • Death.

In accordance to the employment act, a teacher exiting the service shall be issued with certificate of service.

Industrial Action

In an event of industrial action, the union shall lead its members to maintain nobility of teaching profession by conducting themselves with dignity, civility and decorum.

Work Injury Benefits

A teacher injured or dies in the course of employment shall be compensated according to the provisions of Work Injury Benefit Act.

Amendment and Variations

  • In the event that any provision of this agreement is to be modified after the agreement has been signed, the modification must be by mutual consent of the parties made in writing and signed by authorized representative of the parties.
  • Notwithstanding any variation and/or amendment of this agreement, affecting Remuneration shall be subject to by Salaries and Remuneration Commission’s advice.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This agreement shall be subject to the laws of Kenya.

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