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Kenyan School’s Classrooms Turned into Chicken House by Owner To Help Teachers Amid Deepening Covid-19 Crisis

A Kenyan school owner has decided to morph classrooms into poultry houses in a bid to create an alternative source of income for him and his teachers to survive on, amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

All schools were subjected to immediate closure following the outbreak of the pandemic in the country, and they will not be reopened until next year.

The closure has spelled its adverse effects on nearly all private schools with owners being incapable of meeting financial obligations such as paying teachers and other employees.

The Kenya Private Schools Association recently reported permanent closure of hundreds of private schools owing to a lack of finances to keep the institutions running.

But Lincoln Njogu, the proprietor of Ndima Kanini Academy in Karatina, Nyeri County, decided to try something different to earn himself and his employees a living.

Njogu says he was motivated by the tribulation his employees were going through without pay to start rearing chicken at the school to help them feed their families.

“We are currently rearing chicken in our classrooms with teachers so that they can earn something for their upkeep so far we have sold three batches and they have something to eat,” he told Capital FM.

One of the teachers said he was happy to be involved in the project, and unlike his colleagues from other private schools who are on unpaid leave, he is able to pay his bills and put food on the table.

Nyeri County Private Schools Association Coordinator Kariuki Ndegwa called upon the government to set up a special fund to enable private schools to pay their teachers.

“We as an association want to urge our government to provide us with funds in form of grants or loans this will ensure that we are able to maintain our teachers whom we have put on unpaid leave otherwise many of the schools will close shop forever,” said Ndegwa.

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