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UoN Freshers Report As Egerton University Suspends Phased Resumption Dates

First-year students of the University of Nairobi finally reported to campus for one on one learning. Students who will be taking practical lessons were given the first priority by the Ministry of Education. Now it seems UoN has called their students to begin attending lectures.

Students who have practical lessons reported to the school and were admitted to their respective colleges. They were admitted to the Colleges of Architecture and Engineering, Biological and Physical Sciences, Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, Health Sciences, and all students who pursue sciences in the College of Education and External Studies.

The UoN senate made the decision to resume learning to help students whose programmes need practical learning in the laboratory to report to campus.

The other students will keep learning online until they notified to resume face-to-face learning in the future.

The Vice-chancellor, Prof Stephen Kiama urged the students and members of staff to be vigilant. He also told them that safe resumption of face-to-face depends on them following the protocols and guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health.

First year students who reported to the University of Nairobi were registered using a biometric system. The biometric system recorded the student’s signature, photo and fingerprints and scanned their national Identification Cards, passports or birth certificates. All these were captured to make it easy to identify the students, as they will be attending their classes in future.

Egerton Suspends Phased Resumption Dates

Egerton University issued a notice to all students dated 12 November 2020 informing students of the university on the groups of students whose phased reporting was scheduled to take place on Sunday 15th to Tuesday 17th November 2020 was suspended until further notice.

The groups who phased reopening dates were suspended are as follows:


  1. 2018 Cohort (Y2S1)
  2. 2017 Cohort (Y3S1)
  3. 2020 Cohort (Y1S1)


  1. Faculty of Commerce (Y1S2, Y3S2)
  2. FEDCOS (Y3S2, YS2)
  3. FASS (Y3S2, Y3S1)
  4. 2020 Cohort (Y1S1)


  1. All continuing Faculty of Law students

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