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Education CS Magoha says the decision to reopen schools is in the President’s hands

Education CS Prof George Magoha said on Wednesday that only President Uhuru Kenyatta can decide when reopening of schools will happen.

The CS has been in the process of inspecting learning institutions in order to assess how they are prepared. Even if various experts recommended when to reopen, CS Magoha said, only His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta has powers to make the final decision.

Prof George Magoha speaking in Siaya on Wednesday said that the government will only consider resumption of learning once satisfied with how schools are prepared.

“There are more than a hundred thousand schools that have remained closed in the country. However, the decision to reopen lies with the president. He is the right person to make this decision on whether he can take the risk or not,” said the CS.

Magoha told those pushing for the reopening of schools that life is more precious than education at this moment in time.

He said that there are many examples of countries that had rushed to reopen schools only to be forced to close them again after learners and teachers contracted COVID-19.

“In South Africa and America for instance, kids have died. More than 100,000 children contracted the coronavirus in the US when they reopened schools. We do not want that here in Kenya too,” added Prof George Magoha.

Some university students have been putting pressure on the CS and the government to reopen institutions. Magoha had earlier announced that there was a possibility of higher learning institutions being allowed to reopen in September, subject to complying with COVID-19 safety precautions set by the Ministry of Health.

The CS also noted that most of the institutions were not ready to reopen now, as they do not meet the precautions set by the Ministry of Education. Most of these institutions have been conducting online classes with Nairobi University for instance having set examinations that some students have already done.

Besides parents have also threatened to go to court as they feel reopening of social places like churches is not any less of a risk as compared to the reopening of schools. Read more on the parents’ demands here.

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