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Ministry Of Education’s Latest Directive on Ongoing Form 1 Admission

The Ministry of Education has issued new directives on the ongoing Form 1 admissions across the country.

According to Reports, day secondary schools have not received a good number of learners as compared to boarding schools.

The Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Dr. Sarah Ruto revealed that students who were selected to boarding secondary schools are of a higher number than those selected to Day secondary schools. The rate is approximately 90 percent.

According to Dr. Sarah Ruto, school trends have revealed that Kirinyaga County is leading at a turn-up rate of 85 percent in admissions.

However, the Counties of Lamu, Turkana, and Tana River have recorded the least number of Form Ones Reporting to secondary schools.

Dr. Ruto was of the opinion that the slow rate of take up in day schools is due to parents preferring to try getting slots in boarding schools and will take the fallback option of day schools if they fail to get admissions for their learners in boarding schools.

“We are imploring learners to take up their places and begin learning,” said Dr. Sarah. Besides, Dr. Sarah attributed the slow take-up of slots in day schools to the difficulties parents and learners face when they try to change schools.

“There are cases where parents having sough changing schools and when it is executed, they decide that the original letter is better or get a third school that they prefer,” said Dr. Ruto.

According to the CAS, in some instances, parents change placement but their children refuse and insist on the school they were selected to.

She also said that there have been instances where parents do not accept the placement chances granted to their children.

Following the announcement of the results of selection on June 15, some parents who had placed requests in various schools were asked to wait.

Following the challenges, the Ministry of Education has issued a directive regarding the Form One Admission exercise to Principals of secondary schools.

The following is the memo that is addressed to Regional and County Directors of Education earlier yesterday.

All Regional Directors of Education

All County Directors of Education


As you are aware, the reporting exercise for the 2021 Form One cohort to their respective schools was scheduled to start from Monday, 2nd August 2021 and close on Friday, 7th August 2021.

Whereas a majority of the students have reported to their schools across the country, there are still a number of students that have yet to be enrolled.

To ensure all the 2020 KCPE candidates are admitted to Form One in the spirit of the 100 percent transition, the Ministry had decided to extend the reporting period by one week to enable parents/guardians to enroll their children in various secondary schools.

At the same time, all principals of schools are instructed to admit all learners reporting, including those who may not have the full school fees. Principals are directed to engage parents and guardians to make arrangements for fees payment.

The mop-up exercise to ensure 100 percent transition will assume a multi-agency approach involving various state agencies like in the previous years.

You are, therefore, directed to ensure elaborate plans and strategies are put in place to reach out and enroll all remaining students in secondary schools by end of the extension period.

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