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TSC Reveals 7,162 Teachers Failed To Comply With TPAD

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Has Revealed That a Total Of 7,162 Teachers did not complete their Teacher Professional Appraisal Development (TPAD) As Required.

This Is Despite The Commission Extending The Deadline For Filling TPAD To The 8th Of October 2021. The Tutors Had Their TPAD Accounts At The Status Of Either Incomplete, Awaiting Countersigning, Pending Appraisal Or Never Filled Anything On TPAD.

Teachers Had Starting From 26th Of July To The 8th Of October 2021 To Fill Their TPAD But Seemingly A Huge Number Of Teachers Did Not Manage To Do So.

The Initial Deadline Had Been Set On The 1st Of October 2021 But TSC Extended The Deadline After Many Teachers Complained About The TPAD Site Being Unresponsive, Issues With Logging In And Even The Entry Of Data.

One Of The Counties That Received An Internal Memo From The TSC County Director Is Migori County Whose Contents Are Shown Below.

FROM: TSC County Director

TO: All Sub County Directors




It has been noted with concern that our TPAD is way below expectation. To this end I would like to bring to your attention that:-

  1. 802 teachers appraisals were incomplete
  2. 227 were awaiting Submission
  3. 1170 were awaiting appraisal
  4. 115 were awaiting appraisal meeting
  5. 103 were scheduled for appraisal meeting
  6. 103 were waiting arbitration
  7. 387 were awaiting countersigning
  8. 10 were cancelled
  9. 78 had Finished appraisal meeting
  10. 43 were not on duty

Please let’s all cooperate to complete the exercise in time. I am therefore directing that:-

  1. The CSO to observe for all the headteachers
  2. The HOI to observe lessons of their DHOI and the DHOI to observe lessons for all teachers.
  3. The SCD’s to observe lessons for all principals.

All these should be complete before schools close.

All HOI to ensure that all the teachers in their stations are in the TPAD system. In case of any challenge, call 0729766426/0733740033 (Francis Mwarucha Migori County ICT officer)

You are required to adhere to the TPAD termly programme.




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