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Magoha’s Response to Atheists’ Demand to abolish prayer days in schools

With National Examinations around the corner, the Atheists in Kenya Society wrote a letter to Cabinet Secretary for Education Prof George Magoha asking him to abolish the mandatory prayer days in schools.

While addressing journalists in Mombasa on Thursday, March 3, CS Magoha told off the society, telling them to ‘Go to Hell’ with their request.

CS Magoha declared his stand as a strong believer and prefers to encourage learners to ray before starting the examinations if possible.

“Atheists want me to stop prayers in school. They should go straight to hell. I am a believer and we have to encourage children to pray even before they sit for their examinations if they can. We must pray,” said Magoha.

However, CS Magoha did reveal that the government had only abolished prayers from outside the schools.

Magoha said that most who come to pray for children from outside school do confuse the students even more.

“The kind of praying we have stopped is one that comes from outside the school. This is because the prayers coming from outside the school might carry other things to come and confuse our children,” added CS Magoha.

According to the Atheists in Kenya Society, it is against Article 32 of the 2010 Kenyan constitution if any student in Kenya is forced to engage in any religious observation.

The society’s president, Harrison Mumia, argued that schools are for all learners regardless of their religious beliefs or orientation. They also argue that it is the duty of churches and mosques to instil beliefs but not schools.

Mumia also added that all taxpayers support all schools and should therefore be free of observing any religious belief or coercion.

“Public schools should offer a broad perspective on education and promote religious tolerance. As an extension of the state, public schools must focus on presenting multiple unbiased views and allow students to draw their own conclusions,” said Mumia.

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