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Why KUPPET Teachers Are Not Happy Regarding BBF Contribution

The deduction of Sh. 200 on all teachers who are members of the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) has raised a bone of contention among the tutors.

The section of teachers lamenting the decision are viewing the deduction as ‘forced’ as it adds another financial deduction on their already congested payslips.

The Burial Benevolent Fund (BBF) is a scheme whereby teachers contribute a certain amount of money to cater for their burial expenses once they die.

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) began the scheme for its members with new members contributing Sh. 200 every month via the check-off system.

However, joining BBF is optional as it is a decision made on a personal level. A member can join the BBF and not be a KNUT member.

When a member dies, the BBF pays a certain amount of money to the bereaved family to cover the expenses incurred in the burial of the BBF member.

However, in June, the KUPPET National Governing Council resolved to adopt a BBF deduction that was revised upwards. This has caused heated discussions among a section of teachers and KUPPET officials.

Previously, KUPPET used to deduct Sh. 100 to their BBF programme from members’ payslips at the check-off system on a monthly basis.

The new development has caused some teachers to voice their reservations on the decision on social media.

According to the KUPPET National Governing Council, the decision could still undergo discussion with the body set to hold another meeting to brush through the issue.

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