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Peter Tabichi Global Teacher Wins another Award

Peter Tabichi, after winning the 2019 Global Teacher award, he has now won another prize, the 2020 Ahimsa Award given by the Trustees of the Institute of Jainology in London. He was awarded for showing selfless action and compassion.

The Ahimsa award is given for the same purpose of promoting compassion and non-violence principles. The Ahimsa Day is celebrated on October 2, also matching the anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi.

Mr. Tabichi won the award this year following his work to promote the community and his students.

The news of his winning was announced during the 18th Jain All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Ahimsa Day meeting online.

“He symbolizes love, peace, and compassion in what he does, and truly represents the message of Ahimsa. We are expecting to see his success as well as being a role model for teachers and community leaders everywhere,” said the Institute of Jainology Managing Trustee Dr. Mehool Sanghrajka.

Tabichi, the winner of the Global Teacher award last year, revealed that it was an honor to be selected for his efforts in enhancing school attendance and decreasing violence cases by educating communities on growing crops that are resistant to drought.

“It is a huge honor and I am humbled to be receiving the 2020 Ahimsa Award and I want to thank the Institute of Jainology very much for their wonderful kindness. That is for love, compassion, and peace. Jainology is all about non-violence and compassion. This is very dear to my heart as a man of religion,” said Tabichi.

Tabichi also said he joined religion in order to use his God-given gift freely with the community and dedicate himself to teach just as his father used to.

“I became a religious leader because I wanted to freely share my gift with the community and dedicate myself to teaching fully. My father together with other members of the family were teachers. I admire the sense of generosity in wanting to improve other peoples’ lives through teaching,” said Tabichi.

The Institute of Jainology (IOJ) is in charge of 32 UK-Based Jain Orgainzations in authorities and inter-non secular affairs.

Tabichi received the award after Tabichi and marathon holder Eliud Kipchoge were among others who were sworn into the Heroes Council.

The Heroes Council will do the following:

  • Implementing a policy relating to national heroes
  • Penalties in respect of disgraced national heroes
  • Identifying and recommending national heroes
  • Enforcing sanctions

Mr. Tabichi is a Physics/Maths teacher at Keriko Secondary School in Pwani village, Njoro.

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