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How to Teach Toddlers to Learn

Most toddlers are not born good learners. Many of them struggle to focus on one thing, while some will show little motivation to learn. However, with the appropriate encouragement from parents and adults, toddlers can be taught to learn. Here’s how:

Create a learning environment around the child

Toddlers learn mostly from observing adults. Therefore, it would be inappropriate to constrain the learning into the classroom or at home. Instead, create an environment where toddlers can learn intellectually, socially, academically, and physically. Toddlers should learn something when they are at home, church, hospital, community setting, or at an educational facility. Creating such a great learning environment will promote their learning.

Promote a Reading Culture

Learning is primarily a function of reading. When toddlers develop a habit of reading, they will also have the motivation of learning. Have reading materials around the house and teach them to read loudly. These materials could be hanged on walls in their bedrooms so that they could be looking at them regularly. The children will find themselves reading the materials aloud. Parents also should develop a pattern of reading so that the children can copy. Therefore, having books, newspapers, or magazines around the house could be useful in encouraging children also to read. Once the toddlers develop a habit of reading they will be enthusiastic about learning.

Allow them to Control their Learning

Controlling how a toddler learns will only make them frustrated, and they are likely to withdraw quickly. Toddlers need to be in charge of the learning process. Adults can only offer guidance. Letting them have control will make them more engaged. They will also feel at ease because they are learning at a rate they are most comfortable with. However, do not give them too much freedom such that they control the process until they cannot learn anymore.

Be Adventurous

One of the easiest ways of making a toddler withdrawn is doing the same thing over and over again. Toddlers love to experience new things; they love to adventure. Therefore, they have various learning styles since this will be in line with their adventurous selves. They will be more excited about learning because they know that they will be taken through a different experience. This will support the learning process.

Make it Fun

Playing comes naturally to toddlers. Therefore, incorporate play into the learning session to make them more engaged. They will learn a lot from playing than from serious study sessions. Find different books that describe games that children could play as they learn. Play the games with them as you teach them what you want them to learn. In this way, you will be teaching them to learn without them being aware of the actual motive.

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