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Fatuma Chege: CBC is the Real Deal

The Principal Secretary for Curriculum Reform Implementation, Fatuma Chege, has declared her support for the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) is the best option for this generation and many more to come.

Besides, Prof Chege also revealed that all instruction materials i.e. books and other materials that will be required in the CBC have been completed. Her announcement comes with the 2023 set to the year when Grade 6 learners will join Junior Secondary Schools (JSS).

Prof Chege also implored parents to be responsible and ensure that they know the whereabouts of the children. She urged parents not to allow children to loiter aimlessly during the school holidays.

“Parents should enhance the interest of their children in education and school activities,” said Prof Chege.

Prof Fatuma Chege also reminded contractors working on the CBC classroom projects to ensure they complete them before the National Examinations begin.

Speaking while commissioning one of the CBC classrooms at Kaina Boys High School in Nyeri County, Prof Chege said that timely completion will enable the government to plan better for the transition of Grade 6 learners to secondary schools.

“If the classes are completed on time, this will allow students to transition smoothly to Junior Secondary schools in January next year,” she said.

In addition, Prof Chege recognized Nyeri County stakeholders’ efforts for ensuring that the completed CBC classrooms met the quality standards set by the Department of Public Works. She also mentioned that the County’s classroom completion rate was 60 per cent.

A number of schools have had CBC classrooms constructed in them among them the Karima Boys High School, Muthea Mixed Day Secondary School, Kanyama Secondary School, Kiahagu Secondary School and Githakwa Secondary School in Nyeri County.

Among the officials who accompanied PS Fatuma Chege are Nyeri County Director of Education, Sabina Aroni, Deputy County Commissioners Sub-County Directors of Education and other government officials.

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