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DCI Warns Students Amid Student Attacks On Teachers

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has issued a notice to all students warning them of the consequences of any crimes they commit. The Details of the DCI’s post on Twitter are as follows:


This Is To, Once Again, Warn Every Student From Primary School, Secondary School, College And University That The Directorate Of Criminal Investigations Is Archiving And Consolidating Charges That May Be Preferred To Each And Every Student Involved In Any Crime.

Let Each Student Be Informed That It Will Automatically Be Reflected On The Police Clearance Certificate (Certificate of Good Conduct) When Such Student Will Apply For One. This Will Be A Permanent Criminal Mark That Will Bar Many Students From Achieving Their Goals As No Employer of Worth Will Dare Employ Such Characters.

The crimes include Armed And Unpeaceful Demos, Arson, Drugs, Cyber Bullying, Assault Of Any Degree, Drunkenness, Or Any Reported Crime Of Any Kind.

This Is To Warn The Students And To Ask Parents, Guardians, Teachers And Religious Leaders To Take And note and advise them accordingly.

This comes amid an increase in the number of cases of students attacking teachers and hurting them.

For instance, at Kisii School, a Form Three student stabbed two teachers who had sought to understand why the student came late to class. One of the teachers Mr. Mokaya took him to the staffroom and asked the Form three learner to kneel.

While in the staffroom, the student then took a knife and stabbed Mr. Mokaya in the back, on his legs and forehead.

Mr. Elvis Maoto, another teacher who had tried to intervene also got stabbed before his staff mates managed to restrain the student.

The teachers were then taken to the hospital where one was discharged and the other teacher, Mr. Mokaya remained as he underwent treatment.

Another student from Nyamira County was also arrested for attempting to ‘slash’ his deputy principal. The incident happened at Mokwerero Secondary school in Kitutu Masaba Constituency.

Thereafter, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) condemned the actions saying this on their Twitter handle

“TSC regrets the recent attacks on our teachers by the learners in Kisii and the attempted attack by another student in Mokwerero Secondary School in Nyamira County. Let us all Kenyans of goodwill assist in mentoring our children in a positive way.”

The outcry on Social Media:

The warning on social media from the DCI did not auger well with most netizens as they felt the DCI was being too hard on the young children who have not yet tasted any fruits of their education, let alone even get employment in the future.

Many felt that the DCI was putting fear on the young ones instead of concentrating on more important matters involving theft of billions and billions of cash.

Another Twitter user wondered whether the young ones are actually on Twitter as he felt the message should have been passed to Kenyans in a different way.

Many other users felt primary and secondary school pupils and students should not be threatened by a police clearance certificate as the solution should be on how-to guide and counsel students effectively to promote better moral behavior.

You can see the reactions below:


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