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Understanding your Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Online Payslip: Abbreviations

A TSC Payslip is a document that is generated every month that contains details of the earnings of a teacher. It is available for download or online access via the link https://payslip.tsc.go.ke/login.php. Logging in is simple. You will need your password and only after logging in can you view or choose to print your payslip on the months you desire.

Payslip Abbreviations

Looking at your payslip you may have seen some quite unfamiliar abbreviations. You may be wondering what they represent or what they stand for in full. Below is the breakdown of all the abbreviations that may appear on your payslip.


This stands for Sacco Loan. This is the amount of money set aside from your salary to offset a SACCO Loan.


Widows and Children Pension Scheme (WCPS) is a fund only for male teachers. Every month a male teacher contributes to this scheme. Upon death, the teacher’s next of kin who is declared to the scheme is given for upkeep of his family.


This is the short form of Insurance Provider for some teachers who have opted to register with private insurance companies and remit a portion of their salary to them through the TSC check off system.


Social Welfare Associations form part of the third party deductions. They include SACCOs BBFs (Burial and Benevolent Funds) and Teachers Unions. You must authorize deductions for the third parties online.


These are the funds checked off a teacher’s salary on a monthly basis towards their savings to SACCOs.


This stands for Commercial Loan. It shows the amount of a teacher’s salary that offsets a commercial bank loan.

Terms of Service

Teachers are either on probation (prob) or permanent and pensionable terms (P&P). The one that is applicable is shown on your payslip.


These are the Monthly Pay As You Earn (PAYE) deductions


This is the  Monthly Personal Relief

NHIF Contribution

This are the monthly statutory deductions towards the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) that affects all government employees.

PF Num

This is your Personal File Number and this is your TSC Number,


This is the date when you are expected to retire or attain the mandatory retirement age.


Your job group e.g. Secondary Teacher I.

ID Num

This is your ntional identification card number


This is your Kenya Revenue Authority PIN

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