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School Teacher Arrested for Teaching During Corona School Break

 A teacher in Bomet County was on Friday arrested for allowing teaching in a school in contravention to President Uhuru’s order of closure of schools to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

The teacher was arrested at Sigor Primary School in Chepalungu Constituency, Bomet County.

The Sub County Director of Education (SCDE) Johnstone Mogusu, and the school headteacher Mr Gideon Kilel are also being sought after for permitting innocent learners to converge in the institution.

County Education director According to Mr Indiatsi Mabale, Bomet County Education Director, the headteacher, went into hiding on finding out that the law reinforcement officers were searching for him.

“We cannot have some few people doing the opposite of what the

Head of state has said”, warned the County Education Director.

Mr Mabale further added, “They must face the full force of the law”.

Geoffrey Omoding, the County Commissioner, confirmed the incident.

Mr Omoding said that the Sub County Director of Education (SCDE) Mr Johnstone Mogusu is to be blamed for the entire Sigor Primary School incident.

“He (SCDE) has also put the lives of the pupils at great risk now that the country is trying hard to combat the pandemic,” Omoding said

The Chepalungu Deputy County Commissioner Wafula Barasa downplayed the incident saying he has no knowledge of any school currently operating within the Sub-County.

He, however, said that they will arrest anyone involved in teaching during this period if they come across such contraventions.

Mr Barasa cautioned schools not to risk the life of learners on school matters.

A few days ago, the Cabinet Secretary of Education Professor George Magoha sent a stern warning against teachers or anyone assembling learners for any form of tuition during this period of closure meant to fight the spread of Corona Virus (Covid19).

In a statement through the Ministry of Education twitter handle, the Cabinet Secretary discouraged individuals assembling learners in the name of tuition.



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