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Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology Scholarships Available, Apply Today

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) extends partial tuition scholarships for talented young men and women in Performing Sports and Arts. Beneficiaries of the scholarships offered will get opportunities to enhance their studies while they are developing their God-given talents as well.

Applicants offered the following Sports and Arts

  • Music (Men and Women)
  • Theatre Arts (Men and Women)
  • Netball (Women)
  • Handball (Men and Women)
  • Hockey (Men and Women)
  • Volleyball (Men and Women)
  • Basketball (Men and Women)
  • Soccer (Men and Women)
  • Athletics (Men and Women)
  • Rugby (Men)

Requirements of Applicants

  1. An applicant should have attained at least C+ in KCSE and a relevant Diploma that is recognized by the University Senate for Bachelors courses.
  2. At least a C- in KCSE for Diploma Courses or any other qualification recognized by the Senate of MMUST.
  3. Must apply for a course offered at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology or be a continuing student.
  4. Must have demonstrated excellent performance in specified talent areas at either the National or International level.
  5. Must be of age 22 years and below for degree applicants and 23 years or below for diploma applicants(Age limit is not applicable to Drama & Music)

The procedure of applying for Masinde Muliro University Talent Scholarships

You apply by filling a pre-requisite form available at the University bookshop or the University website, and then returned to the Dean of Students not later than 23rd of October 2020.

You will need to attach:

  1. A copy of the letter of admission to MMUST or course application acknowledgment form.
  2. A copy of your national ID or your birth certificate.  
MMUST scholarship application form Page 1/ [Photo Courtesy]

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