Sh 2.4 Million to be Won in InterswitchSPAK Kenya Students National Science Contest 2020, Here are the Details

A total of 2.4 Million Kenya Shillings is up for grabs in 2020 InterswitchSPAK Kenya Students National Science Contest. The amount will be shared by the top 3 students in form of University scholarships. The top best student, second best, and the third best will win themselves Sh. 1.5 million, Sh. 750,000, and Sh. 150,000 respectively.

What is Interswitchspak Contest?

InterswitchSPAK is a Pan – African Science contest that enables African students to fully explore their potential knowledge based-on STEM. STEM is the abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics competition.

It was initiated for high school students to develop and improve a career in STEM education. Giving them a way to fully optimize their potential in building a better Africa. Currently, it is being carried out in Nigeria and Kenya.

In Kenya registration for the 2020 InterswitchSPAK qualifying tests is ongoing. To win 5 years of university scholarship, select on your country of residence to start now.

InterswitchSPAK Kenya 2019/2020 registration began on the 9th of February 2020.

Qualifications to Participate in InterswitchSPAK Contest

The following are the conditions to be met for students willing to participate in this years InterswitchSPAK ;

  1. FORM THREE students in full-time study at a known secondary school -private or public – in Kenya
  2. Ages 15, 16, 17 and 18 and must be residing in Kenya
  3. One must be willing to travel out of the country
  4. Be willing to comply with given rules
  5. Be competent in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics Subjects based on the current Kenyan form three school syllabus

How to participate in the Interswitchspak Contest

First registration is only done online via or .

Each School is required to have their BEST six (6) students in Science in form three (3) regardless of the Sex, religion, tribe or Region.

Mixed-schools are required to have at least three female students-amongst the six (6) that would present in the contest.

Every student will participate in the qualifying test at any of the test centres across Kenya.

Of all contestants, the top 54 will have to compete for a chance to win overall.

The contest is in two main levels:


Each school is expected to present the qualifying test in four subjects – Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Here all online registered students, best six from registered schools, will write a National qualifying test conducted by the Ministry of Education located at specific centres across Kenya.

Level 2: CONTEST

The 54 best students by scores out of all who were involved in level 1. Will be chosen to the InterswitchSPAK Masterclass, which will be recorded and transmitted on television.

2020 Interswitchspak Contest Prizes

  1. FIRST: Five-year University Scholarship worth KES 1,500,000, annual stipend (T&C, Laptop, Signage for the school, Certificate of participation.
  2. SECOND: Three-year University Scholarship worth KES 750,000, annual stipend (T&C), Laptop, Signage for the school, Certificate of participation.
  3. THIRD: One-year University Scholarship worth KES 150,000, annual stipend (T&C), Laptop, Signage for the school, Certificate of participation.

Aims of Interswitchspak:

  • To start and maintain attentiveness in the study of STEM in High schools in Africa
  • To be an engine through which Africa grows develops and generally improves
  • Increasing the levels of STEM education
  • Promote sound education system in Africa through an unbiased contest
  • Awarding scholarships to best STEM students and teachers
  • Bringing the best science student and also awarding him or her a scholarship.

Rules and Regulations of Interswitchspak Contest

  • On 16th May 2020 the InterswitchSPAK National test will be held.
  • No late coming will be allowed
  • Misconduct will lead to disqualification
  • Students come to the allocated centre by 8 am for confirmation with a Registration slip signed and stamped by the principal of their school
  • Students to have only HB pencil, eraser, ruler and statistical table, NO CALCULATORS WILL BE ALLOWED.
  • All students Must be dressed in their school uniform
  • The decision made by the organizers/MOE is final

Terms and Conditions for Students, Parents, and Chaperones in the INTERSWITCHSPAK Contest


The contest gives exposures to students on educational purposes in and out of the country

After the qualifying test, the best 54 have a chance to win scholarships;

  1. POSITION 1 – KES 1 500 000
  2. POSITION 2- KES 750 000
  3. POSITION 3- KES 150 000

All the top 6 six get Laptops

Also, the top 54, will participate in an international educational excursion

After qualifying test, each student of the 54 selected to hold the following documents:

  1. Valid International Passport
  2. Valid Yellow card
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Passport Photograph
  5. Confirmation Letter from School
  6. Consent Letter from Both Parents.
  7. Parents ID
  8. Medical Report

Any student without these documents   will be automatically disqualified and the slot will be given to other students

Advantage of participation in the InterswitchSPAK Competion

  1. Chance to win a university scholarship
  2. Certificate of participation
  3. Paid education excursion
  4. Workshops by experienced facilitators in Tech world.


 Parents play a major role: Escort the   student and Supervision and monitoring the student

Requirements for Parents Accompanying Participating Students in the InterswitchSPAK Contest
  1. valid International Passport.
  2. valid Yellow Card
  3. consent letter from the other parent.
  4. willing to travel to Nigeria.

3. Volunteering Chaperones

  •            Accompany the assigned student
  •            Supervision and monitoring the assigned student
Requirements for Chaperones Accompanying Participating Students in the InterswitchSPAK Contest
  1. Willing to travel to Nigeria
  2. Valid TSC Leave Letter.
  3. Valid International Passport.
  4. Valid Yellow Card.
  5. Interested in the well-being of the students.

 Educational experience, certificate of attendance, all paid education excursion and stipend are merits.

Registration Deadlines, Test Centres, and Test Modalities for the InterSwitchSPAK Kenya National Science Contest 2020