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What are the Benefits of Education in Peoples’ Lives?

Since the days of the white men in Africa, many people have generally desired that their children get a good education. Back then in the 1960s and 1970s in Kenya, parents used to encourage their children to reap the fruits of the magic of the white man. Nowadays at least the message is less of magic and more realistic as you can only get that dream job if you are educated in that field. Besides, there is always a visible difference between an educated mind and a dull one. I guess you have been able to point out one dull mind before. So what is the benefit of education? We are going to try to answer this tough question in the article.

It promotes happiness and a good life

You have obviously been dreaming of enjoying the good and sweet things in life: that dream car or that smart house. You may get those things of you to inherit wealth from some else but sustaining that wealth requires skills you may only get with a good education. Education also raises your status among your peers or in that little, tiny village you live in. people seek your advice or at least they listen when you say something because they know you are well educated perhaps miles more than they are. If you are looking for a bright future or a stable life, go for it son…or daughter should I say!

Education can get you money

A short at the big time may not be far away from you if you have gotten a good education. Chances of landing a big job from someone well educated are very high. There is living and there is living great my friend. Money talks they say. Some say “Money the root of all evil!” however, I think you agree that with money we are talking of very different prospects. You can buy or acquire absolutely anything in your dreams. The better the education, the better career options you will have, the more the money you will make.

You can successfully be self-independent

Many people want to live a life they can afford the things they need with little to no input from someone else. In my life, I have met women who have lost interest in men and want to be self-independent. However, you had better get a good education to be able to sustain yourself, let alone your children. With this, you can get a great job and you can even run your business better with good knowledge in business management. Besides, I will not have completed this if I do not mention that people who are educated are wiser and hence make better decisions.

Makes you confident

Your degree certificate is proof of how great you are. That you have completed an undergraduate degree is a huge achievement in itself. This makes you super confident. People take you seriously when you are educated. An uneducated individual will have a hell of time expressing themselves due to a lack of confidence. People will just shrug you off and continue their conversation as if you never said a thing. Get that education and get your deserved good self-esteem.

Your world is a safer and peaceful place when you are educated

Education boosts your thinking. It makes you better at knowing right from wrong. This is because an educated mind is able to weigh the “dos” and “don’ts” and the consequences of their actions. People who are not educated resort to break the law in order to make their ends meet. They can decide to be thieves or do things that are not ordinarily right. Besides, people live in poverty because they did not take up their opportunity to learn when they had the chance. You will also be able to have a good grasp of the law and you will therefore not indulge in activities that will lead you into breaking the law.

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