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Android download Manager applications you will absolutely love!

Application managers are software that will give more control over downloads. Download speeds on your android can be enhanced with an application that downloads from multiple sources at a time.

The default android download manager is normally already installed on your device. However, the default android download app does not have advanced features that other download managers have such as queuing or resuming downloads that were paused.

We have researched and come up with a list of eight apps that we believe are the best. With these apps, you will have a better experience with downloads.

However, YouTube does not allow downloads from these apps based on YouTube’s terms and conditions. In order to download from YouTube, we will provide other Android YouTube download software in another article.


1.            IDM Download Manager

2.            Downloader and Private Browser

3.            Turbo Download Software

4.            Loader Droid

5.            Fast Download Manager

6.            Download manager for Android

7.            GetThemAll

8.            Download Accelerator Plus

1. IDM Download Manager

Unlike the famous windows download manager for Windows, the IDM download manager is for android devices. It is able to download any type of file. The app is also capable of providing a faster download speed. They actually claim it is five times faster than an ordinary download app. The app is capable of downloading from any browser that you have set as default and even from your emails. Besides, the app can download via the link share or by entering the URL manually.

In addition to being a download manager, the app also has other features like a file manager, music, an in-built browser, and a video player.

On IDM Download Manager you are able to pause, cancel, or resume downloads at any given time. This app is available at no cost. However, the app contains ads and in-app purchases, which may not please everyone.

2. Download and Private Browser

This is a lightweight download manager application for android. In order to download anything on this app, you have to access that file using the app’s browser. It is able to download any file format. It has a private browsing feature.

A password-protected folder feature is also available where you can store your files safely. This app is a free app. Just like IDM, this app also comes with in-app purchases and ads, which may be annoying sometimes.

3.  Turbo Download Manager

This app enables you to download even with low bandwidth. It contains an in-built browser, so you may use it to go on with the default browser you are familiar with. The browsers that Turbo Download Manager supports include Chrome, Firefox, Skyfire, UC Browser, Dolphin, Boat Browser, just to mention but a few.

To boost your download speed, TBD uses multiple connections and fine-tuning. It also has additional speed performance settings. It can run up to 10 multiple threads at a time. Besides, you have more control with pausing and resuming downloads even when your screen has been turned OFF. TBD will continue downloading in the background and then notify you when downloads are complete.

With TBD you can download straight to the SD Card. You also have access to up to three parallel downloads. Corruption of your files is also prevented using the MD5 hash validation. TBD is available at no cost and unlike other Download Managers; it has no ads and no in-app purchases.

4. Loader Droid

Loader Droid Download Manager is designed for Android devices. It automatically captures downloadable links from the Android browsers it supports. It offers a fast downloading speed by splitting downloads into small parts. Pausing and scheduling are also supported on Loader Droid.

Loader Droid is a free app and is very easy to use. It handles files of any size and you can save files on your SD Card with Loader Droid. An integrated browser is also available with support for downloads of any file type. Loader Droid is a free app but contains ads.

5. Fast Download Manager

This is android download manager enables you to download files with ease. It detects downloadable links from your browser. Alternatively, you can adds links to it manually.

Pausing, resuming, and restarting of downloads gives more control over downloads. Multiple files can also be downloaded at the same time or you can even use queuing.  Downloads can also run in the background.

Fast Download Manager supports many different languages, is lightweight, and available at no cost. However, it contains ads.

6. Download Manager for Android

This is one of the best apps for this purpose in android devices. It supports free downloading of any type of file. The developers of this app claim to offer three times the speed of an ordinary downloader. Its user interface is quite appealing to users and comes with an in-built browser and file manager. It is also capable of pausing and resuming large downloads. Webpages supported are of HTML5 and videos also. The spoof for User-Agent string features on Download Manager for Android in order to display web pages like iPhone, iPad, Safari, and other browsers. Even though the app comes at no cost, it has in-app purchases and displays ads.

7. GetThemAll

On GetThemAll, you do not need to go through websites for downloadable content. It has a fully integrated browser and shows a small arrow button on the lower right corner and once clicked, GetThemAll does an analysis of the page and the searches for downloadable content. Besides, it also has an inbuilt file manager and you can even download stuff in the background using background mode.

Thereafter, you can easily share files to Google Drive or send them to your computer. However, GetThemAll also has ads. The ad-free app is not available at no cost.

8. Download Accelerator Plus

Features of this app include downloading directly to your SD Card and interrupted downloads auto-resume capability, a built-in browser, and many more.  It is also capable of auto-catching of copied or open download links on a webpage. It also enables you to access your Google account and even backup your downloaded files. Download threads are also safeguarded from interruption using error handling.

For tablet users, this app has a great User Interface. The maximum speed for downloading can also be set by the user. Other languages apart from English, other languages are also supported on this app. The premium version of this app rids the users of annoying ads and enables you to schedule downloads.

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