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Teachers to Undergo Online Training Program from June 22, 2020

It has been months since the COVID outbreak. Given the prevailing conditions, a lot of time has gone to waste. For the education sector, currently, the amount of time lost is equivalent to a third of the schools’ calendar.

Policymakers are recommending that schools re-open soon with debate raging on whether this is a good idea or an impending disaster. It may take a while to recover lost time, but in the meantime, one might as well take advantage of other opportunities available.

Just like any other profession, teachers need to continually improve their skills, as a means of coping with new developments that cease to end. As people try to make the best of the situation by finding new ways to get by, educators, on the other hand, have not been left behind.

CEMASTEA announces the Teachers’ Online Training program

The Centre for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education in Africa (CEMASTEA) has announced training programs for the above disciplines. This announcement serves as great news to teachers in the country.
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The works of CEMASTEA dates back to 2004, after taking up the role of its predecessor, the In-service Education, and Training (INSET). The public institution seeks to strengthen mathematics and science studies in secondary schools in Kenya. This is done through SMASSE programs.

Over the years, the institution has broadened its scope bringing in primary school teachers and other stakeholders on board.

Due to the current predicament, the institution is unable to hold seminars and workshops, based on the restrictions. Even though such forums may not be suitable at the time, the institution has announced to move its activities online.

Training Set to Start on 22nd June 2020

Centre for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education in Africa will commence training starting 22 June this year.

The program targets over 11,000 teachers, who are going to undergo training on innovative ways to engage students. The training aims at improving critical thinking skills, the use of ICT, and problem-solving skills.

Which Teachers Are Eligible for the CEMASTEA 2020 Online Training?

Teachers eligible for the training program are those who have experience in the teaching field for at least six years and those with 11 years’ experience. The training program will go for one month.

Facilitation for this learning process will be strictly through online platforms such as google classroom and zoom platforms. Training will involve tackling critical areas in both science and mathematics disciplines.

A teacher’s job is a monotonous endeavor, and many people may regard it as a simple role. However, teachers can only best perform with continuous practice and which builds years of experience. No wonder it is so easy to tell them apart. Nonetheless, with the long break, it may be challenging for teachers to resume their regular routines as they may be a little rusty. Taking up such initiatives may provide a smooth transition to normalcy or the new modes of learning set to come up.

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