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Striking Examiners Leak Photos Showing Delapidated Working Conditions at KNEC’s Marking Centers

Just a few hours after KNEC ordered the striking Business paper 2 examiners, to vacate Machakos Girls high school, the examiners decided to leak photos of how things are.

Leaked Photos Showing Sleeping Conditions

The photos show the examiners sleeping on the ground with their personal belongings scattered all over the floor.

Leaked Photos of KNEC Examiners Sleeping Condition
Leaked Photo 1 of KNEC Examiners Sleeping Condition
Leaked Photos of KNEC Examiners Sleeping Condition
Leaked Photo 2 of KNEC Examiners Sleeping Condition.
Leaked Photos of KNEC Examiners Sleeping Condition
Leaked Photo 3 of KNEC Examiners Sleeping Condition

KNEC has not given a response on the photos circulating on social media.

The 2019 KNEC Business paper two examiners downed their tools on Monday to complain about the low pay and poor working conditions.

The examiners further cited harrassement at the centre as another contributor to their strike.

Machakos girls marking centre has been closed today morning. The KCSE Business paper two examiners were ordered yesterday to vacate the school premises at 6 in the morning.

Examiners at Starehe Girls Also Down their Tools

The examiners at Starehe Girls Centre have decided to emulate their counterparts at Machakos girls by going on strike.

Starehe Girls Center is housing the Business Paper 1 KNEC Examiners.

Business Paper two examiners have joined their colleagues to voice their desperation for better working conditions.

They too are claiming they are underpaid per paper. Inaddition, they claim KNEC is providing mediocre meals on top of the horrible working conditions at the center.

To help calm the angry examiners and restore peace and order, the government has deployed Police officers on the ground.

Examiners Want Pay Increased from Ksh. 46 to Kshs. 68 per Script

 The striking examiners are currently demanding an increase in the amount they are paid per marked script. Our sources confirmed that they want the fee to increase to Kshs. 68 from the current rate of Kshs. 46.

Over the years, there has been an outcry from various KNEC marking centres over wanting welfare issues.

KRA to Squeeze more out of the KNEC Examiners

Early this year, Kenya Revenue Authority’s (KRA) had mounted much pressure to the KNEC examiners, to remit more tax to the authority.

The Taxman said the examiners did not pay taxes for the ‘2018 side hustle.’ The examiners marked the KCSE 2018 examinations and were paid their dues at the start of this year.

In their cry, the examiners claimed Knec withheld five percent of their pay. The deductions were to be remitted to KRA as tax.

However, KNEC said they deducted and remitted the 5 percent instead of 30 percent.

Therefore, the examiners were required to pay the taxman the remaining 25 percent, which amounts to over KShs. 8,000 before April 30, 2019.

It looks like the pressure from the taxman is also among the reasons the examiners are striking.

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