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1. We are Wonderfully Made

Genesis 1:26-27, psalms 139:13-15

  1. We were all made in the image and likeness of God.
  2. God created every part of our bodies.
  3. God knew us even before we were born.
  4. He cares and protects us throughout our lives.
  5. God has good plans for us.
  6. We are awesomely and wonderfully made.


  1. State five things that you like about yourself
    • ______________________
    • ______________________
    • ______________________
    • ______________________
    • ______________________

2. The Role of Boys and Girls {Galatians 3:28}

  1. Boy and girls are different in the way they are made.
  2. Though different, boys and girls are equal before God.
  3. Boys may help in
    • Running errands
    • Herding cattle and sheep.
    • Cultivating
  4. Girls may help in
    • Taking care of babies
    • Cooking
    • Cleaning the house
    • We should not look down upon those who are different from us.


a. List some more roles for boys and girls

3. How Our Bodies Grow

Ecclesiastes 11:9-10, Ephesians 4:13-14, 1 Timothy 4:12

  1. Life begins at conception in the mother’s womb
  2. After 9 months; a baby is born
  3. We grow up gradually from a baby to a young person.
  4. As we grow physically, we also grow spiritually, morally, socials and emotionally.
  5. Some physical changes in boys are:-
    • Increase in height and weight.
    • Wet dreams.
    • Broaden of shoulders
    • Breaking of voice.
    • Growth of hair in pubic and armpits.
    • Pimple appearing on the face.
  6. Some physical changes in girls are:-
    • Increase in height and weight
    • Menstrual flow begins
    • Broadening of hips
    • Appearing of breasts.
    • Growth of hair in pubic and armpits.
    • Pimple appearing on the face.


a. State five things you can do for God in your youth

4. Emotional Growth { 1 Corinthians 13:11, Galatians 5:22}

  • Emotions are strong feelings.
  • Bad emotions are sadness, anger, fear, hatred, sorrow..
  • Good emotions are: love, joy, happiness..
  • We show emotional maturity when we are able to control our emotions.
  • The Holy Spirit helps us to control our emotions.
  • We should not be selfish but think of other people as well
  • We should leave childish behavior as we grow up.

5. Christian View On Boy-Girl Relationship

Genesis 2:23, 2 timothy 2:22

  • Both boys and girls are wonderfully created.
  • Sexuality is a gift from God.
  • Christianity teaches boy and girls to respect their bodies and have self-control
  • Sex is only preserved for married people.
  • Marriage is a union created by God and is lifelong.
  • God wants us to live responsible lives.
  • Adam called his companion a ‘woman’ as she was taken from man.


  1. Why were boys and girls separated in traditional African society?
  2. Why is sex outside marriage not allowed?
  3. List some activities that the boys and girls can do in the church today.

6. Effects Of Irresponsible Boy-Girl Relationships

Acts 6:8-9, 1 Corinthians 6:12-20

  1. Irresponsible girl-boy relationship can lead to serious problems like:-
    • Contracting sexually transmitted diseases {STDs}
    • Getting HIV/AIDS
    • Early pregnancies
    • School dropout
    • Guilt and shame
    • Rejection
    • Early marriages
  2. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.
  3. We should respect our bodies by avoiding sexual activities before marriage
  4. We should seek God’s help to lead good moral lives.


1) List some consequences of irresponsible boy –girl relationship.

Revision exercise {Let us remember} primary cre pg 10.



1. Putting God First

Exodus 20:1-17, Luke4:5-8, Mathew 5:21-48

  1. God choose the people of Israel to be his own people.
  2. He gave them the ten commandments which are also called laws’
  3. The ten commandments are:-
    • Worship no god but me.
    • Do not bow down to any idol or worship it.
    • Do not use my name for evil purposes.
    • Observe the Sabbath day and keep it holy.
    • Respect your father and mother so that you may live long in this land I am giving you.
    • Do not commit murder
    • Do not commit adultery
    • Do not steal
    • Do not accuse anyone falsely
    • Do not desire any other man’s property.
  4. The first four commandments explain our duty to God.
  5. The last six explain our duty to one another.
  6. Jesus refused to replace God with power and riches.


  1. Who was given the ten commandments?
  2. The 10 commandments were given on Mt?
  3. The 10 commandments are divided into________parts.

2. Keep The Sabbath Holy

Exodus 20:8-11

  1. This is the fourth commandment.
  2. God worked for 6 days and rested on the seventh.
  3. The Sabbath day is the day of the Lord.
  4. God made the Sabbath holy and blessed it.
  5. We should not work on the Sabbath day.
  6. The Sabbath day is observed on Saturday and on Sunday by different churches.


  1. List three things that you do on Sabbath day
  2. Why is the Sabbath day very important?

3. Respect Your Father And Mother

Exodus 20:12, Luke 2:51-52

  1. This is the fifth commandment
  2. God commands us to respect our parents
  3. Our parents provide us with basic needs and guidance.
  4. God will bless us with long life if we obey our parents.
  5. Jesus was obedient to his parents Mary and Joseph.


  1. List two ways in which we can show respect to our parents.
  2. The parents of Jesus were___________and _________________
  3. Jesus was born in _________________

4. Do Not Commit Murder

Exodus 20:13, Mathew 5:21-22

  • This is the 6th commandment
  • We should not get angry with other people.
  • Hating people lead to murder.
  • We should forgive those who wrong us
  • We should not revenge.


  1. State three people who killed in the bible
  2. Explain why we should not get angry.

5. Do Not Commit Adultery

Exodus 20:14, Mathew 5:27-28

  1. This is the 7th commandment
  2. Adultery is a sexual sin which involes in enganging in sex with a person you are not married to.
  3. Anyone who looks at a woman lustfull has committed adultery in his heart.
  4. Adultery destroys families
  5. It affects children and can lead to divorce.

6. Do Not Steal

Exodus 20:15

  1. To steal is to break the 8th commandment.
  2. Stealing is forbidden by God.
  3. Stealing shows lack of respect for other people’s property.
  4. Stealing causes suffering to people.
  5. We should avoid the temptation to steal
  6. We should be satisfied with what we have.

7. Do Not Accuse Anyone Falsely

Exodus 20:16, 23:1-3, Mathew 5:33-37

  1. This is the ninth commandment
  2. The commandment is not to tell lies.
  3. Telling lies shows lack of love for our neighbors.
  4. We should not swear but tell the truth always
  5. We should not accept bribes to condemn anyone falsely.


  1. _______and________cheated apostle Peter and the Holy Spirit.
  2. King __________accused Naboth falsely.
  3. __________tricked his father and was blessed instead of Esau.

8. Do Not Desire Other People’s Property Exodus 20:17, 1 Kings 21:1-29

  1. Desiring other peoples’ property is breaking the tenth commandment.
  2. Greed comes from selfishness and lack of concern for other.
  3. King Ahab and Jezebel broke the 8th, 9th and 10th commandments.
  4. God sent prophet Elisha to pass judgment on Ahab and jezebel.
  5. As Christians, we should be satisfied with what we have.
  6. We should ask God to provide for our needs.


  1. Prophet_________was sent to pass judgment on Ahab and Jezebel.
  2. King Ahab desired____________vineyard
  3. King Ahab and queen Jezebel _________Naboth falsely.

9. The Greatest Commandment – Loving God Matthew 22: 36-40

  1. The first and the greatest commandment is love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind.
  2. The second greatest commandment is ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself’
  3. Loving God means putting God first in whatever we do.
  4. We can show our love to God by our actions.


  1. Who is your neighbor.
  2. Jesus gave the parable of the___________to teach about a neighbor.
  3. List three things you can do to a person you love.

10. Loving Your Neighbor As You Love Yourself

Luke 6:27-36, 10:25-37, Romans 13:8-10.

  1. The second greatest commandment is to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.
  2. A neighbor is anyone in need.
  3. A man was traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho.
  4. A priest and a Levite passed by but did not help him.
  5. A Samaritan passed by and helped the Jew.
  6. Jesus wants us to love our enemies
  7. Loving our neighbors means avoiding hurting them in any way.
  8. A good neighbor is kind, loving and even ready to sacrifice for the other person.


  1. What happened to the Jew who was traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho?
  2. Who offered help to the Jew?
  3. Jesus teaches us to __________ our enemies.

More exercises- Let us Remember primary CRE pg 26



  1. Enjoying life with others
    • Jesus, his mother and the disciple were invited to a wedding in Cana of galilee.
    • The wine got finished and Jesus’ mother asked him for help.
    • Jesus asked them to fill six jars with water which later changed into wine.
    • By changing water into wine, Jesus helped people to enjoy the wedding.
    • He wants us to enjoy life by helping others.
    • We should help and care for others when they are in need.


  • List five occasions when you get visitors at your home                           
  1. _________________
  2. ________________
  3. _________________
  4. __________________
  5. _________________
  • How many water jars were filled?                        
  • Why did Jesus change water into wine?

2. New life

John 15:4

  1. New life means experiencing change.
  2. When we obey God’s commandment, we begin a new life.
  3. To be a friend to Jesus, we must obey his commandments.
  4. We all go through experiences that change our lives e.g.
    • Being born again
    • Baptism
    • Circumcision
    • Moving to a new school.

3. New life experienced by John the disciple of Jesus

Matthew 26:56, Mark 3:17, 5:21-42, John 19:26

  • John was the most loved disciple of Jesus.
  • He experienced new life in many ways e.g.Being chosen as a disciple of Jesus
  • He participated in the Lord’s Supper.
  • Witnessed the healing of the woman with severe bleeding.
  • Receiving power to perform miracles.
  • He witnessed the suffering of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
  • We experience new life by belonging to the Christian community.


  1. What is new life?
  2. __________was the brother of John
  3. John was the son of______________
  4. John and his brother were _____________

4. Covenant In Relation To Moses

Exodus 19:1-4-7, 16:17, 24:4-8, 25:1-8

  1. A covenant is a serious agreement between people thet should not be broken.
  2. Moses united the Israelites with God at Mt. Sinai or Horeb.
  3. He built an altar on the floor of Mt. Sinai to represent God.
  4. He set twelve stones to represent the twelve tribes of Israel.
  5. Moses sealed the covenant by splashing the blood on the altar and on the people.
  6. Moses poured the blood on the people to make them loyal to God and commited on the covenant.
  7. God made Israelites His chosen people.
  8. Some aspect of a covenant are:-
    • Laws/obligations
    • Sacrifice
    • Promises
    • Participants
    • Witnesses.


  1.  ______________ was the spokesman between Israelites and God.
  2. The covenant between God and the Israelites was sealed by ______________
  3. God wanted the Israelites to obey his?

5. Covenant In Relation to Jeremiah {Jeremiah 11:1-11, 31:29-34}

  1. Jeremiah was the son of Hilkiah
  2. The Israelites became disobedient and God was angry with them.
  3. He promised destruction on them through prophet Jeremiah.
  4. Through his mercy, He also promised a new covenant through Jeremiah
  5. The new covenant had the following characteristics
    • Each person will be punished for their own sins.
    • The law would be written on people’s heart.
    • Everyone would make a personal effort to know God.
    • God will forgive and forget their sins.
    • God will be their God and they will be His people.
    • It would be between God and an individual.


  1. In the Old Testament, where were the laws written?
  2. In the New Covenant, laws would be written in people’s                     
  3. Jeremiah was a______________

6. Covenant In Relation To Jesus Christ

Luke 22:14-20, John 10:10

  1. Jesus brought us the new covenant which gives us a new life.
  2. Jesus shared bread and wine during the last supper.
  3. The bread represents the body of Jesus.
  4. The wine represents the blood of Jesus.
  5. He ordered the disciples to be doing it in order to remember Him.
  6. Animal’s blood was used in the old covenant but in the new covenant Jesus used his blood.
  7. The blood of Jesus sealed the new covenant.
  8. Jesus death on the cross was the final sacrifice.


  1. Jesus was crucified at?
  2.    ____________ helped Jesus to carry the cross
  3. Jesus was crucified together with two ____________.
  4. Other names of the last supper are 1.      
  • ____________
  • ____________

7. How Jesus Christ Gives Us New Life

John 2:1-10, 10:10, 13:34

  1. A new life means following the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  2. A new life in Jesus means making Jesus our friend and loving one another.
  3. We will enjoy new life by being humble, merciful, peaceful and holy.
  4. Jesus also gave new life through his mighty works e.g.
    • Feeding the hungry
    • Healing the sick
    • Changing water into wine
    • Calming the storm
    • Raising the dead.


  1. Jesus fed the____________ people and the ____________ people. {big, crowds}
  2. Jesus raised____________, ____________and ____________
  3. Jesus healed____________the son of Timaeus.
  • 8. Challenges of new life
  • 9. Luke 9:57-62, 13:2-5}
  • Christians face many challenges in their lives.
  • To be a Christians means
    • Serving others even when you are a leader.
    • Experiencing and enduring temptations
    • Experiencing betrayal just as Judas betrayed Jesus.
    • Making firm decisions about Christian was.
    • Serving God under difficult conditions.
    • Firmly following Jesus and not changing and not changing your mind. Revision Exercises: Primary Cre Pg 36.



  1. The Apostle Creed

The early Christians had their beliefs.

The beliefs were expressed in the Apostle’s creed.

Apostle creed explains what the apostles believe in and what they taught their followers.

It reads as follows:-

I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. And in Jesus Christ the only son our Lord. Who was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, born of virgin Mary; suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried. He descended into hell. On the third day, He rose from the dead. He ascended to heaven and sits on the right hand of God the father.He will come to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church, the community of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen In some churches the creed is recited as a prayer.


  1. The story of the early church is found in the book of?
  2. Who wrote the book that gives the story of the early church?

2. I believe in God { Genesis 1:1-5}

  1. God was there since the beginning
  2. The earth was formless and desolate.
  3. Everything was covered in total darkness.
  4. Christians believe in God as:-
    • The heavenly father.
    • Very powerful
    • Creator of heaven and earth.
    • Loving and caring.
    • God created all things to make us comfortable.


  1. On which day was the light created?
  2. God created everything in __________days.
  3. We should_______________of God’s creation.
  4. Man was created on the ______________day. e.

3. I Believe In Jesus Christ

John 3:16

  1. God showed us great love by sending Jesus His only son
  2. Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  3. He was born of a virgin girl called Mary
  4. He came to forgive our sins.
  5. Those who believe in him have eternal life. Activity: Recite John 3:16

4. I Believe In The Death And Resurrection Of Jesus

1 Corinthians 15:20

  1. Jesus was tried by Pontius Pilate and sentenced to death.
  2. Jesus resurrected on the third day.
  3. He appeared to His disciples and had food with them.
  4. He stayed on earth 40 days after resurrection.
  5. When He ascended to heaven, His disciples were very sad.
  6. Angels told them that he had gone to heaven and would come again.


  1. Jesus ascended to heaven at                          
  2. Jesus was betrayed by?
  3. The women who had gone to anoint the body of Jesus were? 1.    
  • ______________
  • _________________
  • _________________

5. I Believe In The Holy Spirit

John 16:13, Galatians 5:22

  1. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God himself.
    • The Holy Spirit lives within us
    • He reveals the truth about God.
    • He keeps our spiritual life growing
    • He is a helper and a comforter.
    • The Holy Spirit produces fruits of our lives.
Quiz   a.
  List all the nine fruits of the holy spirit

6. I Believe In The Church

Galatians 3:28

  1. Church means a community of believers
  2. Communion of saints refers to all Christians both living and dead.
  3. The Holy Catholic Church means the universal church of Christ.
  4. Jesus Christ unites all Christians


  1. What do we mean by
    • Church
    • Catholic
    • Community of saints
  2. List four things that people from different churches can do together

7. I Believe In Life Everlasting {John 6:4-7}

  1. Many people believe there is life after death.
  2. This is why dead people are given respectable burial.
  3. Adam and eve sinned against God.
  4. They brought death into the world through sins
  5. Jesus died to take away our sins.
  6. He forgives sins and gives eternal life.
  7. Eternal life means life without an end or everlasting.

Revision questions

  1. The apostle creed says that Jesus was conceived of the______________
  2. What is the meaning of eternal life?
  3. Catholic means?
  4. __________ and__________ sinned and brought death to the world.
  5. Jesus turned water into wine at ________________
  6. __________ helped to seal the covenant between God and the Israelites at Mt. Sinai.
  7. Jesus said ‘this is your son’, john 19:26. Who was Jesus referring to?
  8. Jesus Christ washed his disciples feet on______and_________
  9. Prophet________________prophesied about the new covenant.
  10. Why do we respect the Sabbath day?
  11. The sixth commandment says?
  12. State the greatest commandment
  13. List five effects of irresponsible boy-girl relationship
  14. State 4 ways in which HIV/AIDS spreads from one person to another
  15. ________________ was the most loved disciple of Jesus.
  16. What is a covenant?
  17. Prophet ________________was sent to Ahab and Jezebel to warn them of their sin of killing Naboth.




  1. True Happiness

Matthew 5:4-5

  1. People are happy during occasions like birthdays, weddings, Christmas
  2. True happiness is found when we repent our sins.
  3. It is also found when our sins are forgiven.
  4. Therefore, true happiness is not found in material wealth like houses or cars
  5. True happiness comes when one humbles before God.
  6. During the sermon on the Mountain Jesus taught that
    • Happy are those who mourn for God will comfort them.
    • Happy are those who are humble; they will receive what God has promised.


  1. Name two occasions when people are happy
  2. Happy are those who mourn _______________
  3. We get true happiness when we _______________
  4. Beliers were first called ‘Christians’ at   _______________
  5. The sisters of Lazarus were_______________ and_______________ .

2. Loving Your Enemies And Doing Good To Them { Matthew 5:43-47}

  1. Enemies are people who are not our friends.
  2. They are people we hate because they do bad to us.
  3. Our enemies do things which hurt us.
  4. God commands us not to condemn other people.
  5. God does not want us to judge others because he will also judge us.
  6. Jesus taught us that we should love our enemies and do good to them.
  7. We should also pray for them at all times.


  1. People whom we do not like are our?
  2. God commands us not to _______________ our enemies.
  3. We should not judge others because?
  4. We should_______________our enemies.
  5. Jesus asked_______________where the buy food.

3. Do Not Condemn

John 8:1-11

  1. In life, there are times when people wrong us.
  2. It is good to forgive them whether they are sorry or not.
  3. In the Lord’s Prayer, we ask God to forgive us as we have forgiven others.
  4. Therefore, God only forgives those who forgive others.
  5. God does not want us to judge other people.
  6. If we judge others, God will also judge us.
  7. God wants us not to condemn others.


  1. We should_______________those who wrong us.
  2. God only forgives                                           
  3. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us’ this is found in the________________
  4.  __________ is the father of faith.
  5. The first Christian martyr was called_____________

4. Bearing True Witness

Matthew 7:24-27

  1. A true witness is a person who tells the truth about what he hears or sees.
  2. True Christian witnesses practice their faith and show it through their actions.
  3. Bearing true witness means obeying God’s word and doing good to others.
  4. Jesus told a story of two builders who build foundations.
  5. The wise builder builds his foundation on the rock and was not destroyed by floods or rain.
  6. The foolish builder built his foundation on sand and was destroyed by strong winds and floods.
  7. True witnesses have a strong faith and obey Jesus commands.


  1. Bearing witnesses means?
  2. Christian witnesses should show their faith through?
  3. The wise builder built his foundation on the?
  4.  ___________  taught that faith without actions is dead.
  5. The youngest son of Jacob was called  ____________.



  1. Gifts Of The Holy Spirit {1 Corinthians 12:1-11}
  2. Gifts are special abilities e.g. drawing, singing e.t.c
  3. The holy spirit is the spirit of god himself
  4. He is the helper that Jesus promised his disciples.
  5. He came in the day of Pentecost.
  6. On this day, he manifested Himself through tongues of fire
  7. The holy spirit gives us the spiritual gifts as listed below
    • Knowledge
    • Wisdom
    • Faith
    • Speaking in tongues
    • Working miracles
    • preaching
    • healing
    • prophesy
    • Interpreting tongues.


  1. the ________ is the helper that Jesus promised his disciples
  2. disciples received the holy spirit on the day of                                 
  3. name four gifts of the holy spirit
    1. _________________
    1. _________________
    1. _________________
    1. _________________
  4.  _________________preached on the day of Pentecost
  5. Samuel grew up in the temple of_________________

ii. Fruits Of The Holy Spirit { Galatians 5:22-23}

  1. Fruits of the Holy Spirit are shown by how we relate with each other.
  2. They are produced when our lives are guided by the Holy spirit.
  3. The fruits of the holy spirit include
    1. Love
    1. Joy
    1. Peace
    1. Patience
    1. Kindness
    1. Goodness
    1. Faithfulness
    1. Humility
    1. Self-control
  4. These fruits show the goodness in the character of a Christian.


  1. Name five fruits of the holy spirit _____________
  2. Fruits of the Holy Spirit help to dictate the_____________ of a Christian.
  3. The _____________ helps Christians to bear fruits
  4. The greatest fruit is  _____________
  5. Moses escaped from Egypt and went to   _____________

iii. The Role Of The Holy Spirit In The Life Of A Christian

{Luke 8:43-48, John 16:12-15, Galatians 5:16-18}

  1. The term role refers to work or duty.
  2. The major role of the Holy Spirit is to help us in our day to day life.
  3. The holy spirit helps us to
    • Love our enemies
    • Give freely
    • Do the right thing
    • Overcome temptations
    • Live a holy life
    • Speak the truth about Jesus Christ
    • Remember the teaching of Jesus Christ.
    • Understand God’s word.


  1. The Holy Spirit helps us to?
    1. ___________________
    1.  ___________________
    1. ___________________
  2. Special abilities are called___________________
  3.  ___________________ ,___________________  and___________________ were the sons of noah.
  4. The parents of Jesus were ___________________ and   ___________________
  5.   ___________________ was the king of Israel.



  1. Vices That Cause Conflict
  1. Conflict is a disagreement among people.
  2. It is also lack of peace among people.
  3. Some vices that cause conflict are
    • Anger
    • Envy
    • Dislike
    • Fear
    • Pride
    • Hatred.
  4. 1 Samuel 18:6-9
  5. King David was praised by women more than King Saul.
  6. King Saul became jealous of Him and plotted to kill him
  7. Luckily his son Jonathan helped David by telling him of his fathers’ evil plan.


  1. Disagreement between people is called                               
  2. List three vices which cause conflict.
  3. King Saul was Jealous of David Because?
  4. King Saul’s son was called?
  5. David killed a philistine man called?

2. Overcoming Anger

Romans 7:15, 12:17-19, Ephesians 4:26

  1. Many times different people make us angry
  2. These could happen if people
    • Stole our things
    • Insult us
    • Refuse our offers
    • Spoil our things e.t.c.
  3. Anger leads us to repaying wrong and not to live in peace with others.
  4. God does not us to be angry or repay wrong with wrong.
  5. We should not sin or remain angry all day.
  6. We should ask the Holy Spirit to help us overcome anger.


  1. Repaying wrong with wrong is called?
  2. We should not let anger lead us into   ___________
  3.  ____________ helps us to overcome anger.
  4.  ______________visited Jesus at night.
  5. Samuels’ step mother was called ________________

3. Overcoming Envy

Genesis 27:1-35

  1. Envy is a feeling of jealousy
  2. This happens when people have better things than us.
  3. We overcome envy by being happy for those who are better than us.
  4. Jacob was envious of Esau when he learnt that their father Isaac was going to bless Esau.
  5. As a result he tricked Isaac into blessing him instead of Esau.
  6. This made Esau angry and even planned to kill Jacob.


  1. Envy is being ____________ of others.
  2. Jacob was envious of  ____________
  3. The parents of Jacob and Esau were ____________  and ____________ .
  4. ____________was sold by his brothers because of jelousy.
  5. Jacob’s name was changed to?

4. Overcoming Dislike {Ephesians 4:26}

  1. Disliking is being unhappy with someone
  2. Usuall, we don’t like those who have bad manners.
  3. We also do not like people who are lazy, dirty, disobedient, gossipers e.t.c
  4. Joseph was not liked by his brother because he was :-
    • Loved more than them
    • Reported them to their father.
    • Was bought a beautiful coat.
  5. Finally they sold him to Egypt.
  1. ____________ was loved by his father mor than his brothers.
  2. Joseph was disliked by his brothers because?____________, ____________
  3. Josephs’ brothers sold him to?
  4. Forefathers of the community of Israel are called ____________
  5. Books written by Apostle Paul are called?

5. Overcoming Fear { Psalms 62:8, Genesis 37:1-2}

  1. Fear is a feeling of being afraid.
  2. Some people fear darkness, death, failing exams or meeting strangers.
  3. Fear makes us feel we need some protection.
  4. Jacob had a dream at Bethel.
  5. He saw a stairway from earth to heaven and the Lord standing behind him.
  6. God promised to protect and make him prosperous.
  7. When he woke up he felt afraid
  8. Jacob set up a memorial for the Lord using the stone that was under his head.
  9. Psalms teaches that God is our protector and we should trust him.


  1. Jacob had a dream at?
  2. He made God a memorial using a____________
  3. Being afraid is called____________
  4. God promised to make Jacob ____________
  5. Jacob struggled with an angel at ____________
  • Obeying authority

Genesis 3:1-6, 20-24, Romans 13:1-3

  1. Obedience is doing what we are told
  2. Authority refers to the power bestowed on someone.
  3. People in authority include parents, teachers, pastors, leaders e.t.c
  4. God expects us to obey those in authority because authority comes from him
  5. God created Adam and Eve and put them in the Garden of Eden.
  6. He gave authority over all his creations.
  7. However, Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit.
  8. By so doing, they disobeyed God’s authority.


  1. Doing what we are told is called  ____________
  2. God put Adam and Eve in the Garden of ____________
  3. Adam and Eve disobeyed God by ____________
  4. The devil in form of a ____________deceived ____________
  5. We should obey those in authority because ____________
  • Seeing the good in others
    • People are different in terms of tribe, height, complexion, status e.t.c
    • However we are equal in God’s eyes.
    • This is because we are all made in the image and likeness of God.
    • We should therefore not judge others depending on our differences.
    • It is not good to think we are better than others. Luke 6:37-42, romans 3:23
      • If we judge others God will juge us.
      • God will forgive our sins if we forgive others
      • God wants us to value each other irrespective of our differences.


  1. People can be different in regard to their ____________,                               ,________________________or____________ ’
  2. We are all made in God ____________ and ____________
  3. God wants us to  ____________ each other.
  4. Zachariah worked as a ____________
  5. ____________ was Moses father-in-law.
  6. Help of the holy spirit {Galatians 5:22-23}
  7. Jesus sent the disciples the holy spirit as their helper
  8. They received him in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost.
  9. The holy spirit helps us to acquire fruits of
    • Love- helps us to love other even our enemies
    • Joy- helps us to be happy all times.
    • Peace helps us to be at peace with others
    • Patience- helps us to tolerate others.
    • Kindness – helps us to help others
    • Goodness – helps us to appreciate others.
    • Faithfulness – helps us to keep our promises
    • Humility – helps us to be humble
    • Self control- helps us to control our emotions


  1. Disciples received the holy spirit in the town of?
  2. The fruit of the____________helps us to tolerate others.
  3. When we help others we demonstrate the fruit of____________
  4.  ____________was the first person to see the resurrected Christ.
  5.  ____________ was David’s best friend.

9. Jesus Christ Loves Us

Luke 11:19, 18:15-17

  1. Jesus Christ is the only son of God.
  2. He showed his love for us by acdepting to die on the cross.
  3. This was meant to save us from our sins
  4. One day children ran towards jesus .
  5. However, the disciples stopped the children from reaching Him
  6. Jesus ordered them to let the children come to Him.
  7. He taught that the kingdom of God belonges to those who are humble and innocent like children.


  1. Jesus showed his love for us by?
  2. ‘let the children come to me’ these words were said by  ____________
  3. God’s kingdom belongs to those who are____________ and ____________like children.
  4. The name Jesus’ means?
  5. Jews worship God in____________



  1. Developing Good Relationships With Others {Genesis 37:5-11, 45:1-15}
  1. Relating refers to the way we live with other people.
  2. Good relationships are developed by:-
    1. Loving others
    1. Sharing with others
    1. Being obedient
    1. Not being proud e.t.c
  3. Bad relationships are brought about by
    1. Selfishness
    1. Pride
    1. Disobedience
    1. Hatred e.t.c.
  4. Even after having a bad relation with his brothers, Joseph managed to have a good relation with them.
  5. Joseph did so by being kind and forgiving them.


  1. Name two things which create good relations.
  2. List two things which create bad relations
  3. ____________was sold by his brother to Egypt
  4. A person killed for his/her faith is called ____________
  5. ____________ helped Jesus to carry the cross.

ii. Developing Trust In Relationships {Genesis 12:1-9}

  1. Trust means being honest and having faith in other people
  2. Trust is developed by
    1. Keeping promises.
    1. Telling the truth
    1. Being able to keep secrets.
    1. Sharing with others.
    1. Helping others when in trouble e.t.c
  3. Abraham had total trust in God.
  4. He left Haran an went to a land which God would show him without question
  5. In return, God loved Abraham and promised to bless him.
  6. God was faithful enough and fulfilled his promises to Abraham.


  1. List two ways of developing trust ____________, ____________
  2. ____________had total trust in God
  3. Abraham was living in____________ when God called him.
  4. God promised Abraham the land of ____________
  5. Name the two sons of Abraham ____________, ____________

iii. Obstacles And Threats To Good Relationships

2 timothy 3:1-5}

  1. Obstacles and threat are things that do not bring about good relationships.
  2. They are those things that cause bad relationships.
  3. Some of the obstacles and threats are:-
    • Favourism
    • Hatred
    • Jealousy
    • Pride
    • Gossip
    • Greed/selfishness
    • Ungratefulness
    • Slander
    • Insults e.t.c.
  4. Good relationship is developed when we do good and live well with others.
  5. Saul had a bad relationship with Christians because he persecuted them.


  1. List two obstacles to good relationships____________, ____________
  2. ____________ persecuted Christians.
  3. Paul was converted on his way to ____________
  4. The man who helped restore Saul’s sight was called?
  5. Saul’s name was changed to ____________

iv. How good relationships were developed in traditional African communities Luke 10:25-36

  1. People in Traditional African Society lived together and shared material things.
  2. Good relationships were developed mainly through
    • Traditional education
    • Working together.
    • Sharing material things
    • Attending ceremonies e.g wedding and initiation.
    • Reconciliation
    • Entertainment.
  3. The good Samaritan helped a person who was not of his tribe.
  4. He helped the Jew although Samaritans and Jews wer great enemies.
  5. We should be ready to always help other people.


  1. List two ways in which good relationships were developed in Traditional African Society
  2. The good Samaritan helped a ____________
  3. ____________ and____________were great enemies.
  4. Write two ways of reconciliation in the Traditional African Societies
  5. ____________was also called Levi.

v. The Story Of David And Jonathan {1 Samuel 19:1-6, 20:24,42}

  1. David and Jonathan were great friends
  2. David was the son of Jesse.
  3. Jonathan was the son of King Saul.
  4. King Saul was jealous of David because the women praised him more than him.
  5. As a result, King Saul planned to kill David.
  6. Upon realizing his father’s plan, Jonathan praised David to his fathers and asked him not to kill David.
  7. Jonathan also helped David to escaped and hide in the field.
  8. Later, David to live with king Saul.


  1. David’s best friend was called?
  2. King Saul was the son of?
  3. David played a____________ for king Saul.
  4. King David’s father was called?
  5. ____________anointed David as king.

Vi. What Threatens Our Relationship With God. Acts 9:1-9

  1. God is our heavenly father
  2. Therefore, we should maintain a good relationship with him.
  3. Some things which threatens our relationship with God are:-
    1. Sin
    1. Selfishness
    1. Quarrels
    1. Anger
    1. Pride
    1. Slander
    1. Gossip
    1. Hatred
  4. Saul hated Christians who preached God’s word.
  5. He organized their killing and persecution
  6. As a result Christians feared him.
  7. God was not happy with him.
  8. Later, he repented and was able to have a good relationship with God.


  1. Highlight three things which threaten our relationship with God
  2. Saul ____________ christians
  3. Saul’s name was changed to ____________
  4. ____________prayed for saul to get back his sight.
  5. Dorcas was also called____________ .

vii. The Story Of Jesus Christ And Peter {Luke 22:54-62}

  1. Peter was one of the apostles of Jesus
  2. He was a close friend of Jesus.
  3. Peter followed Jesus wherever he went.
  4. One day Jesus was arrested
  5. Peter followed Jesus at a distance because he feared for his life.
  6. Some people indentified Peter as one of Jesus; followers
  7. For fear of being arrested, Peter denied Jesus three times.


  1. Simon Peter worked as a?
  2. Peter followed Jesus at a distance because?
  3. Peter denied Jesus____________times.
  4. Jesus nicknamed Jesus the____________
  5. ____________ was put in a den of lions.

viii. The Life Christians In The Community {Acts 2:42-47}

  1. Christians are people who believe in Jesus Christ
  2. A community is a group of people living together.
  3. Being members of the community, Christians should participate in activities such as:-
    • Visiting the sick
    • Organizing fundraisers.
    • Providing facilities for schools.
    • Providing medical facilities e.t.c
  4. Christians in the early church lived as a community.
  5. Some of the things they did together include:-
    • Praying together.
    • Sharing meals
    • Helping the needy among them.
    • Fellowshipping together.


  1. A_____________is a group of people living together.
  2. People who believe in Jesus Christ are called?
  3.  __________ saw the boy with two fish and five loaves.
  4. Jesus was rejected in?
  5. _____________ is the last book in the Old Testament.

ix. Qualities Of A Good Friend {Proverb 17:17}

  1. Friends are people we know well and like.
  2. It is good to be careful while choosing friends.
  3. Some qualities of a good friend include being:-
    • Loving
    • Sincere
    • Hardworking
    • Kind
    • Respectful
    • Honest
    • Prayerful
    • Patient e.t.c
  4. Good friends support us when we are in need.


  1. List four qualities of a good friend
  2.   __________  led the Israelites into Canaan.
  3. Abraham was ready to sacrifice his only son                            
  4. Prophet __________promised birth of Jesus.
  5. On the fourth day God created the __________


The Wisemen find baby Jesus {Luke 2:3, Matthew 2:9-12}

  • The three Wisemen were guided by a star to Bethlehem where Jesus was born
  • The star was a light.
  • The Wisemen recognized Jesus as King.
  • The Wisemen presented 3 kinds of gifts
    • Gold
    • Myrrh
    • Frankincence
  • Jesus is the light of the world.
  • Simeon was a committed man of God.
  • When Jesus was dedicated at the temple, someone recognized him as the light of the world.


  1. Draw the Wisemen following the star
  2. Name the three gifts that were given to baby Jesus.
  3. _______________ guide us to the right things.

Christians Deeds That Bring Light to The World

{1 peter 2:9-10, eph 5:8-11, rom 13:12-16} spotlight pg 66, primary cre pg 88, o.l.c pg 93.

  • When one becomes a Christian he should leave the deeds of darkness and walk in the light.
    • A Christian should show the deeds of light.
    • Good deeds are like light. Bad deeds are like darkness.
    • Deeds of darkness:-
  • Witchcraft
  • Stealing
  • Conning
  • Prostitution
  • Drunkenness.
  • Fighting
  • Jealousy.
    • Deeds of light
  • Doing good to others
  • Living a holy life
  • Helping at home
  • Being friendly
  • Praying
  • Going to church
  • Telling others about Jesus.

How Jesus Attracts People to Himself  John 1:6-9, 6:1-13

  • Jesus attracted people to himself as a baby when:-
  • The wisemen came looking for him.
  • The shepered went to see him.
  • Simeone waited for him in the temple.
  • Anna gave thanks to God and talked about the child Jesus to all.
    • At tha age of 12yrs, he attracted religious leaders as he was vry clever
    • John the Baptist was attracted to Jesus
    • Jesus attracted people to jim when he
  • Fed the hungry
  • Healed the sick
  • Taught the word of God.
  • Raised the dead.


  1. Mention people who were attracted to Jesus when he was born
  2. Mention three ways through which Jesus attracted people to himself.
  3. ‘ this is the real light, the light that comes into the world and shines on all mankind’, these words were said by?

How Christians attract others to Jesus {Mathew 5:16}

  • When Christians do good, they attract other people to Jesus Christ.
    • The good deeds Christians do include:-
  • Sharing food with the hungry
  • Visiting the sick
  • Supporting widows and orphans
  • Supporting those with disabilities
  • Going to church
  • Obeying parents
  • Singing for God and reading the bible.


  1. Write five things you can do to attract other to Christ.

How Jesus helps us to see the truth {mark 4:13-20}

  • Jesus used parables to teach the word of god.
    • He taught the parable of the sower.
  • Sower is God
  • Seed is God’s word
  • Soil represents different people who hear the word of God.
    • As the farmer was scattering the seeds, some fell:
  • Along the path- birds came and ate them.
  • On rocky places- they grew up but dried up because the soil was not deep.
  • Among thorns- the plants grew up but were choked by the thorns so they did not bear grain.
  • On good soil- they grew and produced many grains.
    • Jesus explained the parable and said:-
  • Along the path- people who hear the word of God and as soon as they hear it, Satan takes it away.
  • The rocky grounds- people who hear the word of God but the word doesn’t last long, when troubles come they give up easily.
  • Among the thorns- people who hear the word but worries, lies and desires for other things comes in and chokes the word.
  • The good soil- people who hear the word and practice it.
    • Jesus is the truth and helps us understand the truth.
    • Jesus taught the parable of the sower to helps us hear the word and do what it says.
    • We should not let Satan take the word away.
    • We should stand firm as Christians.
    • Those who hear the word and obey it are blessed.

Jesus Christ brings life {Mathew 8: 12, 14:16, and 11:28}

  • Jesus is the light of the world.
  • He guides us on what we should do as christians.
  • Jesus is calling on those who are weary and have may burdens to carry tham to him and he will give them rest.
  • When Jesus went to the temple , he read from the book of Isaiah
  • He had come to set the captive and oppressed free.
  • Jesus brought salvation to all people.

Jesus Christ Helps Us to Overcome Fear {Luke 2:8-14}

  • The shepherded were the first to know about the birth of Jesus.
    • An angel of the Lord appeared to them.
    • They were afraid but the angel told them not to be afraid.
    • The angel told them in the town of David a savior had been born.
    • The shepherd saw a great company of angels praising God.
    • Jesus was born on earth to bring peace.
    • Jesus is our savior and helps us to overcome fear.

Paul and Silas {acts 16:22-28}

  • Paul and Silas were preaching the Gospel and they healed a slave girl who had an evil spirit.
  • The roman officials ordered them to be beaten and they were put in prison.
  • In prison, Paul and Silas sang praises to God as other prisoners listened.
  • At midnight there was an earthquake that shook the prison
  • At once all the prison doors opened and every prisoner chain fell off.
  • When the jailer say this, he wanted to kill himself.
  • Paul stopped him and told him all the prisoners were in.
  • The jailer the believed in God and he and his family got baptized.
  • Later , Paul and Silas were set free
  • God’s power saves us during trouble.


Revision exercise 9A/BC Spotlight Pg 69-71

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