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St Augustine Mukumu Boys primary school on the spotlight after teachers assault 14-year-old pupil injuring his private parts

A primary school learner from St. Augustine Mukumu Boys Primary School located in Kakamega County is nursing serious injuries after teachers assaulted him that made him almost not able to walk.

Four teachers beat the 14-year-old pupil to an extent that they inflicted injuries to his private parts after being caught with a mobile phone alongside twenty other pupils.

The learner is said to have been used to serve as an example due to him being the head boy in the school. His position as a leader to other pupils seems to have led to him being punished more than the other pupils.

“I was beaten a lot more than the others because I am the head boy,” said the 14-year-old. He added that when he tried to refuse to lie down to be punished, he was flogged until he lost consciousness.

Besides injuries to his private parts, the boy also suffered injuries all over his body and is not able to walk properly. This made his parents seek medical attention for the boy.

The family has since reported the issue to the local police while urging the respective authorities as well as the Ministry of Education to act fast and ensure the teachers face the law for their actions.

There has been no comment whatsoever from the headteacher to the schools and even the area Teachers Service Commission (TSC) officers.

This is following the Minister for Education’s stand on the issue being that pupils should receive corporal punishment to tackle the issue of unruly students while parents on the other hand do not support it because of this kind of incidence when teachers go way too far.

Early this year, CS Magoha wanted the reintroduction of corporal punishment in schools to solve cases of indiscipline in schools.

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