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PCEA Kambala Girls Closed Indefinitely after Students Sleep in Cemetery

On Thursday the 21st of October 2021, PCEA Kambala Girls’ Secondary School was closed indefinitely after some learners slept in the cemetery on a day earlier following students unrest.

It has been reported that there had been students’ unrest on Wednesday in the school after which they ran away into the bushes to hide. During the unrest, the girls had brought down a brick wall section which they then used to flee.

Angry students arrived the following day with their children who had run away from school the day before.

Most of the students had evidence of an uncomfortable night in the bushes when they reported to school on Thursday to win the company of their parents. Some had bruises from the thorny trees they encountered outside school.

“My daughter’s leg seems to be broken. Another girl had clothes that had been torn by the bushes,” said one of the parents to the media.

The parents wanted a response from the school’s administration on what led to the girls running away from school in the thick of the night. Unfortunately, the headteacher refused to talk to them.

Mr Maina revealed that the students’ unrest was caused by many reasons. The learners had allegedly gone without water for a prolonged period. Besides, there was also an issue with the meals offered in the school.

“The learners had gone four days without showering,” he said.

Following the incident, County Education Officers alongside police officers streamed to the school and held an emergency meeting with the administration of the school. Following the meeting, it was decided that the school be closed for an indefinite period.

Due to the rising cases of students’ unrest, the Ministry of Education instructed school heads in October to engage learners on a personal level to deal with the issues that students complained about.

Principal Secretary Julius Jwan implored heads of schools to listen to students more and address their issues with solutions that last for each one of them.

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