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Role of an Adjudicator in the Kenya Drama Festivals


The adjudicator plays a crucial role in the festival. The following are some of the roles, do’s and Dont’s for adjudicators.Adjudicator

1. As a member of a team, the adjudicator should have a sense of collective responsibility. Consultation with colleagues is central in this exercise.

2. The adjudicator shall observe a high sense of integrity at all times. Adjudicators with vested interests should make a declaration of the same in reasonable time.

3. It is the duty of the adjudicators to acquaint themselves with the trends and practices of the festival.

4. Before the commencement of the festival at any level, a compulsory preparatory meeting between the adjudicators and the organisers shall be held.

5. It is the responsibility of the drama committee(s) to meet the requirements of the contract they enter into with the adjudicators. Both parties shall respect and honour the contract.

6. It is recommended that adjudication at all levels be carried out by a panel of three adjudicators.

7. It is the responsibility of the adjudicators to give an oral and written adjudication report at the end of the festival.

8. Drama committees at all levels shall endeavour to ensure that not more than two thirds of the adjudicators’ bench will be of either gender.

9. The adjudicators’ word shall be final. However adjudicators shall be held responsible for contravening the festival rules and regulations.

10. The KNDFC reserves the right to reassess and review any issues arising from the adjudication.

11. For standardised award of marks at all levels of the Festival, it is essential that the adjudicators keep to the following marking scale.

Interpretation of the adjudication marking scores at the Kenya Drama Festivals

 i)    Excellent Production:         80 – 100%

ii)    Very Good Production:       70 – 79%

iii)    Good Production:                60 – 69%

iv)    A Fair Production:               50 – 59%

v)    Weak Production:                 40 – 49%

vi)    Very weak Production:       39% and below

12. Adjudicators of the film genre should not have access to the film (either in script, DVD form or soft copy) before the commencement of the festival.

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