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I Wanted To Be a Musician – Regrets Prof. Magoha Education CS

In Summary:

  • George Magoha is a professor of Urological and Transplant Surgery
  • Prof Magoha would have wished he took music as opposed to STEM

The globally renowned academician in Urological and Transplant Surgery, Professor George Magoha currently the Cabinet Secretary of Education has publicly admitted that he wished to have become a musician.

The professor was addressing teachers and trainers at Uhuru Gardens Primary School in Nairobi during the start of the April CBC training workshop for the new curriculum.

Magoha said, “If you’re a musician like I would have, I would have taken the pathway of finance, music and performing arts.” He went further to lament saying, “But because that pathway was not there, I did STEM.”

The STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics – led him to become an established researcher and top-grade professor of Urological and Transplant Surgery

The CS was advocating for Kenya to fully embrace the new Competency-Based Curriculum CBC. He said the curriculum will empower Kenyan children to make better decisions for their future. It will enable the children to contribute back to society much earlier than normally expected.

The Professor further said that Kenya as a country has to stop the culture of trying to do everything in the last minute rush. He was implying that Kenyans have a tendency of executing programs and policies without prior planning, which then tends to end up messing the country.

The Education Cs said that by September, he intends to assure Kenyan parents and the president that in the following year 2020, pupils will successfully move to standard four.

He assured the country that with the scheduled teacher training for August, the ministry will have prepared up to level 9 of the CBC curriculum before the end of the year. He claimed that it is his mandate to see the new curriculum come through.

The assurance comes after continuous sentiments and pleas from Kenya National Union of Teachers KNUT who have been on the forefront to oppose the implementation of the new CBC curriculum.

KNUT through their Secretary General Wilson Sossion has cited a lack of proper and timely planning of the new curriculum. They further claim inadequate resources for teacher training.


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