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5 Secrets: How to be a Great Teacher

Several studies have consistently shown that the vital determinant of education quality is the teacher. For a child to get a quality education, the teacher must be of substance.

With the changing trends in technology and Culture, teaching is indeed becoming too complicated. It is too challenging for teachers to adapt themselves to the digital – dot com – learners. Leave alone the overemphasized children rights and freedoms.

Despite the many pedagogical skills required, the teacher still has to meet the ever-changing student’s needs. It’s only a great teacher who can do this.

Wait a minute, do you remember teacher Tabichi? The winner of 100 million dollar global teacher award winner? Of course, you do! Now let me ask you, is Mr. Tabichi a great teacher? Mmm… Well, for now, don’t answer.

How to be a Great Teacher

As a professional and experienced teacher, let me briefly outline to you the tips, secrets and qualities that makes one become a great teacher. Copy and implement the above tips and secrets.

1. Great Teachers Care for Learners and Love Learning.

A good teacher must be able; to care and love learning; comprehend the subject content and curriculum; manage the classroom; positively discipline the students and still yearn to bring out the best from them. You can agree with me that from this perspective one can hardly come across a great teacher. Most of us care for and love our salary more than anything else.

2. Great Teachers help both the high and low achievers without Bias

A good teacher not only concentrates on the top scorers but also takes time to assist the low achievers. It is for this reason a teacher has to have a lesson plan with clear objectives that should be achieved by every student at the end of a lesson.

Assignments given at the end of the lesson are meant to help students understand concepts better and research where they don’t understand. Awarding and grading of assignment is important in order to have a record of the students progress over a period of time.

The good teachers do this without bias to fast or slow learners. He brings out the best of each child’s ability.

3. Great Teachers Passionately Organize and Prepare Lessons in Advance

Great teachers prepare for the lesson before it begins to avoid time wastage in the classroom. They organize their class in order to make the learning environment conducive.

It is the duty of a teacher to make sure learners develop an interest in a particular subject, this can be achieved through motivating students who show improvement and making sure every student contributes in the class activities going on. He/she ensures that no specific students dominate the class.

4. Great Teachers are Very Friendly and Approachable by Learners

Teaching is an art, a great teacher has to have techniques of creating a good rapport with the students. This encourages learners since they don’t shy or fear the teacher when they need assistance in their learning. Learning is dynamic to both teacher and student and it’s, therefore, the duty of the teacher to make the students want to learn more.

5. Great Teachers Give Immediate Feedback to Learners and Parents

In order to benefit students, it is the role of the teacher to engage parents in the student’s academics. This is possible through constantly updating parents on the students progress either through a phone call, academic clinics or simply written reports.

The above points, believe me, are not new. They are the important guide on how to be a great teacher.

There are many challenges we haven’t factored that teachers experience. But, the great teachers are also not immune to such.

Take for instance the influx in student population today is resulting in an acute shortage of teachers. This has led to many individuals masquerading as professional teachers.

However, the government through the Teachers Service Commission TSC is trying to employ more teachers to meet the demand. Certain qualifications have been set so that students are taught by highly qualified teachers.

To qualify to teach in the elementary level, at least a certificate in early childhood development is needed, primary school level at least a P1certificate and for high school, a diploma or a bachelors degree is the determinant.

In addition to all the above qualifications, one has to be registered by the Teachers Service Commission to be employed. The measure is to distinguish genuine teachers from those who could have fake certificates.

Are you a professional teacher? Do you think you’re a great teacher? Share with other teachers what you think.

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