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How to Register Grade 3 Learners for the 2019 Kenya Early Years Assessment (Keya) Examinations

The Kenya National Examinations Council has issued instructions on how grade 3 learners are to be enrolled or registered for the 2019 Kenya Early Years Assessment (Keya) Examinations.

The circular dated June 24th, 2019 was directed to all Sub County Directors of Education (SCDEs), Curriculum Support Officers (CSOs), and Heads of Primary Schools.

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) said in they have developed a Competency Based Assessment Framework (CBAF) for Basic Education guided by the Basic Education Curriculum Framework (BECF) and the Curriculum Designs for Early Years of Education (EYE) after the adoption of the CBC curriculum.

They further said that they have also developed assessments tools to be used by schools to assess competency levels among Grade 3 learners.

KNEC highlighted that it’s important for all those concerned with enrolment, to read and understand the complete registration process before undertaking the enrolment exercise.

The following are the complete instructions on how the new competency-based CBC curriculum grade 3 pupils will be identified and registered for their KEYA exams:

Procedure for Identification/Enrolment of Grade 3 Learners

1. The identification/enrolment of learners for the KEYA will be done ON-LINE and is scheduled to take place between 1st July and 30th August 2019. All head-teachers are urged to ensure that all Grade 3 learners in their schools are identified and enrolled within the stipulated period.

2. KNEC has developed a KEYA portal for use in enrolling Grade 3 learners. The portal is using data from the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) to enable head-teachers to identify their learners.

3. To access the KE YA Portal, head-teachers are expected to do the following:

  • Visit the KNEC website and click on the link called ‘KEYA portal’, – which will direct you to ‘cba.knec.ac.ke’.
  • Schools that already have a KNEC School Code will log into the KEYA portal using the KNEC School Code as the Username and the Password which they use during KCPE Examination Registration.
  • For Schools that do not have a KNEC School Code, the head-teacher will liaise with their respective Curriculum Support Officer (CSO) who will contact the relevant Sub County Director of Education (SCDE) for coding of the School and onward submission of the School Code details to KNEC to facilitate its activation.

4. Upon successfully logging onto school account, the head-teacher shall be expected to click on the Menu provided on the extreme left of the portal and take the following steps:

  • Step 1: Click on the KEYA E-readiness questionnaire and provide the information required on the school’s capacity to administer KEYA;
  • Step 2: Click ‘Identify/Enroll Learners’ to confirm whether all Grade 3 learners are captured in the KEYA portal provided through NEMIS. By clicking on the button ‘Enroll’ which is on the extreme right on the screen; you will have enrolled the learner. If you wish to edit details on the learner who is already enrolled, click on the ‘Edit’ button;
  • Step 3: Click the button ‘add Learner’ to enroll a new Grade III learner who may be missing from the list of learners in your school from the data provided. You will be provided with an option to search for details of a learner from the NEMIS database. If you choose NO, the portal will then allow you to register the learner.

NB: The option of “SNE Pathway” is for learners who have severe disabilities and do not follow the regular Pathway.

Details of Grade 3 Learners to be entered for the 2019 Kenya Early Years Assessment (Keya) Exams

The following are the details of the learner to be captured online:

1. Name of the learner:

i) The names used for KEYA enrolment shall be a replica of the official names of the learner as they appear in the Birth Certificate.

ii) The head teacher shall use the correct combination and order of names as they appear on the learner’s Birth Certificate. This must be done in consultation with the parent/guardian of the learner;

iii) The name of the learner should not be initialized; it must be written in full.

2. Gender of the learner:

The gender of the learner shall be indicated as “M” for male or “F” for female.

3. Birth Certificate Number:

The Birth Certificate Number, which is the Entry Number (NOT the Serial Number), shall be indicated.

4. Date of birth of the learner:

The date of birth of the learner shall be correctly indicated as it appears in the birth certificate.

5. Citizenship of the learner:

The status of citizenship of the learner shall be indicated either a Citizen or a Non-citizen.

6. Special Needs and Disability

For learners with Special Needs and disabilities, the nature of disability shall be indicated and the Pathway.

How to Amend the Registration Details of Entered Grade 3 Pupils for Keya Exams

The head-teachers can continually amend enrolment details of their learners during the enrolment period before 30th August 2019 as the need arises.


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