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Engineering Courses Where Women Earn More than Men

There is always this discussion that women always earn less as compared to men in most jobs that they are involved in. however, that is not always the case especially in some engineering courses where women edge men on what they earn.
Based on an analysis by Bloomberg, the 20 highest paying engineering courses are as listed below.

However, this does not include medical courses, but architecture, chemical engineering and engineering management. They earn more than just over a dollar on every dollar that the opposite gender makes.

1. Architectural and engineering managers

This course involves coming up with new products and also solving the issue that hinders the finishing of new projects. Architects come up with plans and designs of offices, buildings, houses, factories and many other structures.

2. Chemical engineers

In chemical engineering, chemical engineers convert the raw materials into useful items like drinks and food, energy and clothes. In this process, they also have to ensure the protection of the environment and the management of resources.

3. Mechanical engineers

This is the use of scientific principles such as those of force energy and motion, and application of those techniques coming up with solutions of engineering from design to manufacturing to the point of selling off any object.—ensuring that design works efficiently at a competitive cost.

4. Computer Network Architects

This involves designing software, protocols, the medium of data transmission and hardware. Computer network architects are charged with how tasks are given to computers for execution and also how computers are organized on a network for efficient communication and sharing of resources.

5. Environmental Engineers

In this field, engineers are charged with ensuring people are protected from the dangers of extreme environmental effects like pollution while also improving the quality of our surroundings.

6. Industrial Engineers

Here engineers aim to optimize i.e. reducing the costs of production and improving the standard of services and products. Besides they are also charged with ensuring that company workers operate in good, healthy and safe conditions in industries, as well as protecting the environment and also abiding by the government’s policies and regulations

7. Software Developers, Applications and Systems Software

This coming up with new software and updating existing software to remove bugs and make them more efficient when running on different platforms

8. Aerospace Engineers

This is the field where engineers will be tasked with making aircraft and space crafts. This combines the two overlapping facets i.e. astronautical and aeronautical engineering. While Avionics is similar, it involves the development of electronics in aerospace engineering.

9. Civil Engineers

This course is about designing, then constructing and maintaining the naturally built and physical environment. This entails bridges, dams, airports, pipelines, canals, roads, sewage systems and structural components of buildings.

10. Computer Hardware Engineers

Here engineers design, research on, develop and then test new computer systems. This also includes processors, networks, mobile devices, and circuit boards. They are also tasked with advances in computer technology.

11. Electrical and Electronics Engineers

This for simple entails things to do with electricity. Electric engineers research, design and develop equipment that uses electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics.


It should be noted that these are courses that are male-dominated and the percentage of women in these professions is very limited. For instance, only 15% of chemical engineers are women while only 8% of women are engineering managers and architectures.

In fields where women are better represented the difference in pay is even bigger, like research analysts and statisticians. This is possible because these jobs are may have have been open for a longer duration to women, which may reflect the penetrative nature of discrimination in pay.


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