Best Websites for Kenyans to Learn Online

Just like, on apps, there are also websites that can help Kenyan teachers, and students acquire skills in their hobbies, academics, and/or also advance their professions. These websites have made it easier to learn at home or on the move boosted by the convenience of using a mobile device from any place to access the internet.

Below are the best websites that Kenyan teachers, students, and the general public can use to learn online.

1. Udemy

Just like its app counterpart, offers a wide variety of courses from those on personal development like how to play guitars to complex ones like web development. Almost any course that springs into mind are likely to be available here. However, courses on the Undemy website require a fee that depends on which course you are undertaking.

2. Open Culture 

This site makes it easier to find the content you are looking for. It has web pages that show over a thousand lectures, podcasts, and videos. It has materials that you can only find on private sites of universities. This makes it possible to find content without having to visit the sites of the universities. This site has courses from many countries such as Wales, England and many universities in the United States.

3. Coursera

Coursera works together with universities and many other organizations to come up with a wide scope of content on one site that is easily available.

It has contents even from trusts and museums and this gives Coursera the basis of having many courses to study online.

4. Khan Academy

Just like its app counterpart, Khan Academy courses are free. It provides teachers and leaners with materials in math, Computer science, history, science, AP exams and many more.

5. edX

This site was founded by Hard and MIT and it aims to remove the challenges of traditional education line the costs involved, accessibility and disadvantages of the location of students. It has over nineteen million learners and over two thousand courses on offer from top universities world over. It also offers a platform for educators who want to come up with new materials for education.

6. TED-Ed

TED-Ed provides a platform for sharing educational content from teachers as well as students. It has over 200,000 teachers who serve millions of other teachers and students with content on each weekly. Besides it also has a platform for creating interactive notes or lessons via videos.

7. Codeacademy

As you can imagine, Codecademy is a site that helps to aspire and season programmers to learn and better their programming skills. Most of the courses that are offered for free can be completed before nightfall. This site has a good CV as it has helped nurture and develop over forty million web developers, programmers, data scientists, and computer scientists. There are many alumni from this site who work at big and recognized companies like Facebook and Google.

8. Stanford online

This site, as the name goes, was founded by Stanford University. It offers online courses for free and advanced degrees, executive education and professional certificates. The site also offers courses from both graduate and undergraduate schools such as Stanford Business School, Medical School, and Law school just to mention a few.

Stanford online

9. Alison

This site provides free education in business, language learning courses, and technology. This site is a great choice if you require certification of the course you have studied.

10. iTunesU Free Courses

This site provides free online education and it is convenient as it has integration support for iPod or for simple, any Apple mobile device that is app-ready. Users with iPads, iPhones, or iPod Touch devices, users download the iTunesU app.
On this site, users can find learning materials in a variety of ways. Courses here include free podcats paid content or videos.


However, as much as the iTunesU does have a variety of topics, it does not support integration with Android, Windows or Google.


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